Why Justin Bieber Deserves A Ferrari

June 1, 2013
There are two schools of people; those who say he worked hard and should buy whatever he wants, and those who say he’s too young to have a Ferrari (translation: I wish I’d had a Ferrari at his age).
You cannot tell me that most men (and petrolheaded women like myself) don’t ever stop enjoying their toys. Cars (especially supercars) are the ultimate toy, and considering the number of gloriously daft hypercar/supercar options there are out there to spend your hard-earned wages on (he could have bought a Mitsuoka Orochi. “A what?” you say? Exactly).  Justin has picked arguably the best performer, so he’s not so daft.  The 458 Italia is the true supercar enthusiast’s choice. Just ask Top Gear’s former Stig and James Bond stunt Driver, Ben Collins: “You could drift the car sideways and balance an egg on the throttle pedal because its just so responsive and forgiving. You feel everything but the car isn’t too stiff, so it moves with you”.
Indeed, and it’s a properly pretty car. Ferrari say it isn’t art, they say it’s science. Whatever, it’s stunning and it’s not just its looks, it is an astonishing machine and has become one of the all-time greats, definitive and utterly memorable.  So he invested wisely then.
Justin has been working hard since he was 15 and whilst the rest of us are granted respite from the daily grind a few times a year, Justin is literally not.  He may be able to snatch a few days away from work, but he can never be the invisible tourist like you and I.  So he’s building up a garage of fine cars? GOOD for him I say!  Stop the jealousy.  He should reward himself. So his car is loud? Yes, it is. It’s designed to be, it’s part of the joy of owning a Ferrari.  I personally hope he gets the chance to take his Ferrari to The Musical Road in Lancaster, Ca (  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR5Cejq2uyc  ) it seems very fitting for a music artist and his well-earned gift to himself.

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