Sammie and Blake Kelly Drop “Put It In”

June 4, 2013


At Weknowthedj, we’re all about support systems and supporting friends who are chasing after their dreams. Right now it’s time for us to support the “brother” of the man behind the website. DJ Tay James introduced us to Blake Kelly and if you haven’t heard his music yet, you’re definitely missing out. The last time we reported on Blake Kelly was for his single “Feel Sexy,” featuring Atlanta-based rapper Sammie. This time, Blake is joining up with Sammie again to bring us “Put It In.” Unfortunately for our younger readers, the song and video are explicit, so you might have to skip on this one.

“Put It In” is the first single off of Sammie’s “Insomnia” mixtape, dropping September 4, 2013. Sammie describes the song as being “very inviting and confident,” and very self-explanatory. The video features a subway, a masquerade ball, a rooftop party and the bedroom. The song is steamy and definitely gives off a sexual vibe.If you’re old enough to handle sexual vibes and explicit lyrics, I’m sure you can figure out what is being said throughout the song. With references to candy, peanut butter, chocolate, a coach and Kobe, Sammie and Blake Kelly prove to the world exactly how they are lyrical geniuses. In the entire song and video, Sammie shows off the range of his vocals and his talents. Blake Kelly makes his appearance rapping on the song while dancing on a rooftop with his girl of the night. Be sure to check out the video, posted below.

Sammie and Blake continue to impress all of us with each track they release. This definitely isn’t the last we’re going to hear from them so keep yourself updated by following their Twitters; Blake Kelly can be found at @RockstarBK and Sammie’s handle is @PrinceSammie. Be sure to follow both of them and tweet us @weknowthedj to let us know your thoughts on “Put It In”.


Written by: Meg C. (@lilmegwktdj)

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