Rolling Stones Headline Glastonbury

June 28, 2013

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They’re arguably the most iconic rock and roll band in the history of the world, but in the more than 50 years the band have been together, The Rolling Stones have so far dodged the Pyramid stage at Worthy Farm. This year however, they’re finally making an appearance and will they silence the critics who say they’re too old to carry it off?

In an interview with BBC Radio 1 Keith Richards said:

“I’d say, ‘What do you know about it? You’ve never tried it’,”

Indeed so and perhaps the fact they’ve waited so long to play at the UK’s biggest festival makes this one hell of an iconic moment? Richards went on to say:

“It just never occurred.  Many times it has been on the list of tours and stuff and for one reason or another it never coincided.  It’s like a black hole in space or something but in we go this time.  I’m looking forward to it because it is an iconic gig and it’s an iconic band and finally the two meet at last.  In a way it’s kind of weird that at last we’ve made it to Glastonbury. It’s like building Stonehenge right?”

But despite their experience, it seems the band have had another reason to avoid the festival; good old fashioned nerves:

“I think the only pressure we feel is that it is the first time we’ve done an outdoor show for yonks and English weather, throwing in those two equations, yeah there is maybe a little apprehension.” he says.

Speaking about festival veterans Artic Monkeys  and Mumford & Sons  he further added: “They are all great cats and I think most of them have played there before, they probably have more experience than we do of playing Glastonbury because it is a unique way of working.”

A humble admission from a band as influential as the Stones.  When asked what he thinks the key to their longevity and continued success is, Richards replied:

“There are no ingredients here but you’ve got to have a good drummer and you’ve got to really want to do it. You’ve got to want it to death.”

The Rolling Stones will headline the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury on Saturday 29th June and one hour of the live set will be broadcast across the BBC on TV, radio and iPlayer in the UK.


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