One Direction Releases Full Length 3D Movie Trailer And Teases Summer Single

June 25, 2013

“People started lining up five days ago.” “The band that lost on The X Factor..” “Selling out their entire tour in hours!” These are the opening lines of the trailer for “This Is Us”, One Direction’s 3D movie coming to theaters worldwide August 30th!
The trailer starts with news clips and a time lapse of 1D’s Take Me Home tour stage being put together before a show, and Irish band mate Niall Horan is overheard saying, “Because of you, we are number one in 37 countries.” Reminiscent of Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” and Katy Perry’s “Part Of Me”, “This Is Us” is the boys’ take on life on the road and being away from home, all the while entertaining thousands of people on their sold out Take Me Home tour. The trailer features glimpses of each of the boys’ families, one part in particular showing where “Bradford Badboy” Zayn Malik is shown on the phone with his mum, moments after buying her a new home.
Being the cheeky lads that they are, the trailer is full of hilarious antics ranging from Cheshire-native Harry Styles getting his pants pulled down, his bum pinched by his old boss Barbara, and “rehearsing” the dance routines for the tour shirtless and swinging his shirt in the air! Liam Payne is shown ripping his pants, because they were abnormally tight. And Louis Tomlinson is shown skateboarding in an empty arena and stealing a bag of popcorn from a nearby table. This is the number one boyband in the world, everyone.
Featured in the trailer are a few of the boys’ hit singles including “Kiss You” and “Live While We’re Young”. But what is getting the most attention at the moment is the boys’ newest hit single “Best Song Ever”, which was announced 30 minutes before the full length trailer was released. One Direction has just been announced to perform “Best Song Ever” during the opening of the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, which are going to be held LIVE on August 10th at 7 pm. SET YOUR DVR’S! AND you can pre-order “Best Song Ever” starting at 12 am on June 25th. Or you can wait until July 22nd when “Best Song Ever” is released worldwide on iTunes! So mark your calendars for that one, too!
You can experience their lives on the road with “This Is Us”, which is slated for a North American release on August 30th, but the FULL list of release dates around the world is available at the official movie website
Be sure to pre-order “Best Song Ever” and watch them perform it LIVE on the 2013 Teen choice Awards. Check out the FULL length trailer for “This Is Us” below!
-Blake M

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