Nathan Sykes Rejoins The Wanted!

June 12, 2013

Nathan Capital FM

Much like athletes rely on their legs to run or their arms to throw, musicians rely on the muscles inside their throats to sing. It is absolutely possible to injure them but nonetheless painful; both emotionally and physically.

Recently, Nathan Sykes of The Wanted experienced this difficulty. In order to save his voice, he had to undergo a surgery for his hemorrhaging vocal cord. This is a condition that almost wrecked the voice of international star Adele near the end of 2011. However her surgery in the US proved a success.

Following the surgery the 20-year-old star had to sit on the sidelines for 2 months while his 4 band-mates continued about their normal lives. The hit-maker sent out tweets like, “Frustrated. Just want my voice back.” Which nearly broke our hearts! Adding, “LA. I love you… but nearly 2 and a half months without being home is killing me.”

Well, after a tough 2 months of doing nothing but sitting on the couch and watching television shows (doesn’t sound so bad…), Nathan’s fears of never being able to sing again vanished! He made a full recovery and performed with his band mates to open the Capital FM Summertime Ball like they do every summer.

His comeback at the Wembley stadium didn’t come easy as he confessed his struggle to stay positive during the recovery.


Having gone under the surgeon’s knife back in April, fans were more than impressed to hear his incredible voice boom across the stadium so soon. Nathan admitted that the recovery is still in the works but he is getting back on track slowly. After performing for the 80,000 people, he left the stage joking about how he would miss watching daytime television and playing video games.

Nathan even got some love from band mate Max George as said, “If feels pretty awesome. We missed him. We’ve been slogging it out for two months now as a four.”

He continued to add, “We have to do a lot less now he’s back because he’s quite heavy with the vocals which is cool for the rest of us.”

Given Nathan has been through so much, we’ll give The Wanted a little slack for a while. However we are told that an album is coming soon, pending Nathan’s recording of his vocals for the record. We can’t wait to get more music from the hunky Brits.

Most of all, we are sending our positive thoughts and wishes to Nathan during his continued recovery. We couldn’t be happier that he’s back sharing his talent with us.

Make sure to check out The Wanted in their reality TV debut every Sunday at 10PM/EST on E! and their latest single “Walks Like Rihanna” (below).

-Sara Soulati

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