Miley’s NEW Single: We Can’t Stop!

June 3, 2013

we cant stop
Somewhere along the last year or two Miley Cyrus has undoubtably become one of the most bold and likeable girls in the pop game. Her stripped down covers of country songs performed in her backyard (shown below) in the midst of her break from music showed us that her talents are more or less unparalleled, while her goofy antics like uploading a twerk video (also below) showed us that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Well, her last musical offering was given to us back in 2010 through her single “Can’t Be Tamed” and since then we’ve only gotten a small taste of her new sound through a feature in Snoop Dogg’s latest single. Today marks the day of her musical comeback because her HIGHLY anticipated single “We Can’t Stop” debuted on Ryan Seacrest live and is now available for all to purchase on iTunes.

Miley has been in the studio for some time now working on this track and the rest of her album with production powerhouses like Mike Will and Pharrell (who are responsible for some of today’s most popular and innovative tracks on the radio). And it seems after all the hard work they put into it, her labor finally bears fruit in the form of this new single.

We Can’t Stop is a hazy slice of downtempo pop with an infectious sound but nothing like what you’ve heard on the radio before. There’s something brilliantly woozy about the track with a hint of a feel-good vibe just in time for summer. It’s the type of song you’ll want to have playing in your convertable while cruising lazily through the streets of West LA. The beat in the back thuds low, but enough so you know it’s there and the distorted voice sample plays in a sinister manner throughout the entire track (but you can’t help but love it.) The lyrics pick up from the infectious chorus and graze through fan-friendly YOLO bits to referencing molly and getting turnt, definitely a new yet oh-so-fitting direction for Miley. The whole thing just makes you want to party in the most mellow way. Perhaps this is her calm before the storm for the rest of her album, who knows. It’s strange, curious, amazing and wonderful all at the same time. Maybe even borderline revelatory. It’s a new Miley we’ve been seeing for a while, but she’s fully exposed now.

Above all things, it’s the perfect encapsulation of the last couple years of her artistic and personal growth. She sure doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and neither does the song. That’s why “We Can’t Stop” listening to it. Have a listen below and buy it on iTunes if you love it as much as we do!

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-Sara Soulati



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