Kelly Rowland releases “Gone” ft. Wiz Khalifa

June 18, 2013

Kelly Rowland is set to release her upcoming album “Talk a Good Game” this week on June 18th. The LP, which will only have a dozen songs, is Kelly’s fourth album and will feature collaborations with artists such as Beyonce, The Dream, Michelle Williams, Pusha-T, and Pharrell. So far from the album Kelly has released an emotional revealing “Dirty Laundry” and the sexually flavored track “Kisses Down Low.” Just last week Kelly dropped her Wiz Khalifa assisted track “Gone” which is about her saying goodbye to a man who’s done her wrong.

Kelly sings “Well, I thought that I should write a letter/ Then I thought this would be better/ Don’t yell/ There’s a million ways that I can tell you/ But I think I’d rather show you/ It’s over/ And I won’t be back no more” before featuring a sample from Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” as the hook of the song. Later Wiz comes in rapping “I ain’t trippin’/ Just a bunch of extra s*** that I ain’t missin’/ My sister tried to tell me ’bout you, I ain’t listen/ Now we’re going down this road. . .  I’ve been here before’/ And you know Kelly never lied/ So you can get your stuff and get the going/ I’ll get back to getting high.”

Still unsure as to who the song is about, but Kelly sure isn’t holding back the truth. Listen below and see what you think of “Gone.”

-Xay P.


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