Ke$ha Releases “Crazy Kids” Music Video Feat. Will.I.Am.

June 1, 2013

crazy kids

Ke$ha has made a point to make 2013 her year to rule the music charts. Coming off the success of her recent hit single “C’mon”, the “Taylor Swift+vodka” singer has released a music video for an anthem that should be heard worldwide. “Crazy Kids” is a song about people who deviate from normality and could honestly care less about fitting in. As long as they are true to themselves, nothing else matters.

The music video starts when a thugged-out Ke$ha walks down an inner-city street to a house party. She walks up the steps to two guys bench-pressing pink, yellow, and powder blue weights like it’s nothing unusual. Weights have always been those colors, right? Ke$ha is walking through the house party and there is an over-abundance of gold being shown, and a man in a spacesuit is playing pinball. Normal? Ke$ha, surrounded by golden lion statues, lowers her hood and is shown with cornrows, gold chains, and a grill as she goes into her verses.

Will.I.Am. is later shown on the screen of the spaceman’s helmet and he walks outside of the home to the pool where Ke$ha awaits. She is shown surrounded by four middle-aged bikers, and they have a five-person moshpit poolside. This entire video is a compilation of not so normal things being shown as if they are an everyday occurrence. And like the lyrics say, “You call us the ‘crazy ones’, but we’re gonna keep on dancing till the dawn.”

Long story short, Ke$ha has one message behind the “Crazy Kids” video, she doesn’t give a damn about what you or anyone else says about her… She’s weird and like many others, she’s embracing it. Catch the music video below.

-Blake M. @blakewktdj

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