Justin Bieber Teases New Music Entitled “HEARTBREAKER”

June 4, 2013

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Beliebers, it’s time!!!! The wait for new music from Justin Bieber is not over, but it is DEFINITELY nearing its end. After Bieber released Believe Acoustic back in January with a few new tracks, fans have been DYING (and I do mean DYING) for new music. There has been so much speculation with the “music journals” that Bieber and manager Scooter Braun have hinted at over the last couple of months, we can’t help but wonder, is THIS chapter one of the music journals??

While Bieber was attending Game 7 of the East Conference NBA Finals between the Heat and Pacers, the haters were horrendous, mocking everything from his clothes to the way he was eating. When Bieber was shown on the big screen of the arena, the boo’s were deafening. Thankfully, Justin kept his composure and gave the haters respect even if he wasn’t getting it in return. Props to you, Biebs!

After leaving the game during the fourth quarter, Justin took it upon himself to leave the haters in silence. “How?” you ask? By releasing the title and the cover art for his new single entitled “Heartbreaker”! We are, after all, supposed to be focusing on the music, right? It took all of about three and a half minutes to garnish over 37,000 likes on Instagram and Twitter blew up! It was (and still is) chaos, I tell you!

We don’t know a release date. To be quite honest, we don’t know much of anything! All we know is that “Heartbreaker” is what we have been waiting for since the release of Believe Acoustic and it is slowly but surely coming upon us! And if you ask me, this announcement was the PERFECT way to shut the haters up after yet another night of their relentless, and might I add, ignorant disrespect. Good for you, Justin! Your fans got your back!

“Don’t tell me you’re my heartbreaker.”
“Tell a friend to tell a friend.”
Oh, we will.

Blake M

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