Justin Bieber Leaves Twitter – What Happens Next?

June 20, 2013

Don’t panic Beliebers!! This is merely an apocalyptic theory,  not currently a reality but what exactly would  happen?  Justin is the undeniable king of twitter with his 40 million followers, mostly composed of his adoring fan base (none of whom have every single tweet they post scrutinized the way he does).  I have experienced a few episodes of hate via this social media and to say it’s not pleasant is an understatement, it tends to put you off for a while.  Justin however, receives hate every single time he tweets (and often even when he’s not online – not a nice thing to come back and face in your mentions every day is it?).

Common responses to his situation are that he doesn’t need to look, he’s rich and famous so it doesn‘t matter, or that he probably doesn’t tweet at all – it’s always his manager.  And yet, he has said on several occasions that he does indeed see it all, which makes it all the more unsurprising when he takes a little step back from it occasionally (as he did recently during a break from his Believe tour tweeting: “Gonna take some time” on 20th May).

But it begs the question: if it’s such a distressing practice for him to have to engage in, why does he continue to do so?  One answer is that he is, and has always been, truly thankful for the support of his fan base and not only feels he should keep in touch, but actually enjoys interacting with them.  Secondly, it is of course an ideal method of promotion – after all, along with YouTube, Twitter helped to catapult him into the music industry.  But does he really need it now?  He is a world-wide phenomenon, he sells out World Tours, his name is in every newspaper on a daily basis (even if most of it is pure nonsense).  Surely he doesn’t need a twitter account to maintain that level of interest?  Lately Justin’s tweets have consisted of an essential phrase that’s becoming as well-associated with the Canadian artist as ‘Never Say Never’ and ‘Believe’  –   ‘All About The Music’.

It seems an obvious comparison to make but The Beatles didn’t have twitter, yet the enthusiasm for their music never died and even long after the group split up in 1969, the fans continued to adore every song as they always did.  Sure, it was distressing for the fans, but the love for the music didn’t just suddenly disappear one day.  They suffered their fair share of criticism too, but it wasn’t on the scale that Justin has had to endure.  It seems that Twitter makes it too easy to be anonymous and send a negative comment.  It has created a false bravery in too many that has resulted in a method of communication that is completely off balance.  He can of course respond (as he sometimes does)  and some might argue that in this scenario it’s a useful platform for him to be able to put the record straight.  But in the end, a troll is always going to be a troll and it’s unlikely it will change their opinion, so is it worth it?  Well, perhaps the support he receives in return from the fans is enough to tip the balance and make him feel stronger?

But if Justin were to no longer have a Twitter account, would people stop sharing voting links, or  requesting his music on radio?  Would they stop sharing their experiences from his concerts or from meeting him and the joy it brought them?  Would they stop listening to the music?  I don’t think so.  There’s a reason his music is record-breaking and there’s a reason he has so many awards – he is loved.  But I also believe that he is the most popular person on twitter because he’s one of the most down-to-earth, real people out there.  Regardless of his position of fame, his tweets are relatable to so many people.  He certainly wears his heart on his sleeve on occasion and his account is full of compassion.  It’s a refreshing change from many artist’s accounts where you may only get the odd cursory promotional tweet once in a blue moon, where there’s no connection to the people who gave them the opportunity to be in that position.  To thank them.  Justin is ever grateful and I might add – brave.  He is a fantastic role model for anyone who ever doubts their ability when people attempt to pull them down, he is strong and remains focused on his passion for music.

Would his music be as popular if he didn’t have a Twitter account?  I absolutely believe it would be, but while he continues to use it, I hope he always sees past the baseless negativity to all the admiration.   If he needs a break, that’s fine by me, I’d understand because I’m ‘all about the music’ too (but yes, I’d miss him).

Lucy. J.

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