Justin Bieber Inspired by Positives and Negatives

June 12, 2013

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Everyone that has heard Justin Bieber talk about his passion knows the phrase, “all about the music.” While that is definitely true, the music has to come from somewhere. What is it that inspires these chart-topping tracks? What makes Justin’s talent so relatable? What makes him the artist that he is? There’s no easy way to put it, ups and downs accompany fame and fortune. Justin has received his fair share of backlash but it only makes him stronger. The nineteen year old inspires millions of people each day, but I think it’s time for us to take a deeper look into what inspires him. We’re going to dissect a few of Justin’s biggest hits to figure out why he felt these songs “made the cut” to help prove that it’s “all about the music.”

Down to Earth

“And mommy you were always somewhere, Daddy I live out of town, So tell how I could ever be normal somehow, You tell me this is for the best, So tell me why am I in tears? So far away, and now I just need you here”

“Down to Earth” comes from Justin’s debut album “My World,” released in 2009. Recording “Down to Earth” was Justin’s way of expressing his feelings about his parents separating in 1994. Although Justin was raised by mom, Pattie Mallette, his father still has a significant impact on the young star’s life. In a 2009 interview with Billboard, Justin explained the meaning of “Down to Earth” in the statement, “It’s a ballad about the feelings I had when my parents split up and how I helped my family get through it. I think a lot of kids have had their parents split up, and they should know that it wasn’t because of something they did. I hope people can relate to it.” One thing that makes “Down to Earth” so special is the emotion that Justin puts into performing the ballad, which can clearly be seen in Justin’s documentary “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.” See the emotion yourself in the video posted below, filmed in Cincinnati during the “My World Tour.” Am I the only one that just wants to jump on stage and give Justin a hug?


“But I know there’s sunshine beyond that rain, I know there’s good times behind that pain, Hey, can you tell me how I can make a change? I close my eyes and I can see a better day, I close my eyes and pray.”

Released on “My Worlds Acoustic” and “Under the Mistletoe,” Justin has touched the lives of millions through his track, “Pray.” While talking to Ryan Seacrest, Justin only talked positively about “Pray,” saying, “It’s a very uplifting song, very motivational. It definitely comes from the heart.” Justin performed “Pray” for the first time at the 2010 American Music Awards; for many, “Pray” was the standout performance of the night. You can watch Justin’s 2010 American Music Awards performance below. “Pray” is just another simple reminder that through all the bad in life, there’s always good. When things get you down, just keep your head up and pray.

Turn to You

“So when you’re lost and you’re tired, When you’re broken in two, Let my love take you higher, Cause I still turn to you. I don’t know what I’d do if you left me, So please don’t go away, Everything that you are is who I am, Who I am today.”

The bond between a mother and son is unbreakable, especially when the son is a worldwide musical genius. Pattie raised Justin, mostly on her own, and as he proves in “Turn to You,” she’s the reason he is who he is. Justin gifted the song to his mother for her birthday and released it for charity on Mother’s Day in 2012. When speaking of his reasoning for releasing the song, the Canadian native said, “It’s about just the struggles she went through and how brave she was, and I think the world needed to know that.” There’s no doubt that Pattie Mallette raised an amazing kid, even with his troublemaker-qualities. Beliebers all over the world look up to Pattie, some even call her mom, but in her words, “you can’t date your brother!” We’ve posted the audio for “Turn to You” below for all of our readers! I thought my Mother’s Day present for Jean (my mom) was good this year, but I’m not a worldwide superstar that can write amazing songs so you win this round, Bieber.


“There were nights when I was doubting myself, But you kept my heart from falling, It didn’t matter how many times I got knocked on the floor, But you knew one day I would be standing tall, Just look at us now.”

Everything that Justin does is for his fans, so when it came to writing and recording the title-track for his No. 1 album, it was for the fans. For Beliebers all around the world, “Believe” is the song that matters most because Justin wrote it for us. Before the album release, Justin told Matt Lauer about the loving song on the Today Show saying, “It’s basically how my fans inspired me and it’s a song for them.” There’s nothing like watching Justin perform “Believe” live, so we’ve posted a video below of Justin at the Montreal show on November 26, 2012. In Justin’s words, “look at us now.”


“Cause she wanted all my attention, And she was dragging my name through the dirt, no, She was dying for my affection, But she got mad ‘cause I didn’t give it to her.”

Over forty million girls all over the world wish they could call Justin Bieber their boyfriend. Almost every girl has said at least once, “I’m going to marry Justin Bieber,” but one young woman took it to the next level by claiming Justin fathered her child. When Believe was released in June 2012, Justin finally got to tell his side of a story that captured media attention all over the world. When talking to Bethenny Frankel last summer about “Maria,” Justin said, “It was something that I’d been feeling and wanted to tell people. Because at the end of the day, you know things happen and I don’t get to really talk about it. People twist my words.”  We won’t be seeing an official music video to this song, but you can listen to the audio below.  Unfortunately this won’t be the only paternity case against Justin, but the claims are ridiculous every time. Yes, Justin has made it very clear that he wants to start a family at a young age but not at 19.

Yellow Raincoat

“Cause the fame and the money, and the girls will drive you crazy, And all the ‘He said, she said,’ I’m thinking maybe, Just put on my

Justin Bieber is one of the hardest working people in the world, but unfortunately living under a giant spotlight can be hard. Justin has dealt with his fair share of media backlash and a lot of haters. Sometimes, you just need to put on a Yellow Raincoat to protect yourself. When “Yellow Raincoat” was released on “Believe Acoustic,” it was seen as a metaphor for Justin hiding himself from the spotlight and the troubles that come from living life in the fast lane. Justin continues to prove to every person around the world that he’s here to stay, even if it means putting on a strong face sometimes. Check out Justin performing “Yellow Raincoat” below, filmed at the O2 Arena in London on March 7, 2013. Justin, keep doing what you’re doing and remember… There’s millions of Beliebers all over the world that are here for you every step of the way.

Nothing Like Us

“’Cause nothing can ever, Ever replace you, Nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah. You know there’s no one, I can relate to. And know we won’t find a love that’s so true

There’s no easy way to put it: heartbreak sucks. No matter who you are or how old you are, getting your heart broken isn’t a good feeling. You put all of your effort and energy into a relationship, only to have it be unsuccessful. Because it’s all about the music, I see no need to go into details why this song was written, recorded and put on “Believe Acoustic” or who it was written about. But I do see the need to explain how “Nothing Like Us” relates to music listeners all over the world. If you’re one of our older readers, you most likely know what I’m about to explain; if you’re a younger reader, consider this a heads-up for what you’ll experience some time in the future. There’s nothing like your first love. Nothing will compare to the first time you get to experience love; it’s scary, wonderful, sad, crazy, happy, and pretty much any other emotion you can think of. In “Nothing Like Us,” Justin is showing the world that he has gone through his first love and he’s trying to figure out how to deal with the heartbreak that accompanies letting go of a relationship. Hey Justin? If you need someone to watch endless hours of Netflix with… I’m available!

Throughout the years, Justin has proved that he’s just a normal nineteen year old, trying to figure out his way through life. He uses his daily struggles to make incredible music and that’s not going to stop any time soon. Three of Justin’s past five tweets include, “Really focused on this music. #musicjournals #heartbreaker #newsongs,” “Wrote another great song last night. Focused,” and “Big things ahead. #music” Don’t worry, Biebs, we all know that you have incredible music on the way and we can’t wait to hear it all! Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj or comment below and let us know your thoughts!


-Meg C. (@lilmegwktdj)

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