Justin Bieber: No Room For Doubt

June 7, 2013

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Chances are no matter where you live around the world, you’ve heard an earful about Justin Bieber in the last 6-10 months. Those 12 glittering letters that make up the name “Justin Bieber” have been present on your Facebook newsfeed, your Twitter timeline, the newsstand and magazine covers. Some of it is good… and some not so good (and usually false) but in the end you ask yourself, why is he everywhere lately? Well, quite literally because he himself IS everywhere.

The Biebs started his career off a little differently than most child starlets, as he never had the backbone of Disney or Nickelodeon to steer him. However with the guidance of Scooter Braun and his teammates, he built an Empire and a generation to call his own. He released albums, headlined his My World Tour, which was sold out and set record after record all before the age of 16. Most people were convinced that Justin Bieber had peaked. Were they ever wrong!

The process of “proving the haters wrong” started with the release of the album “Believe”. With half a million digital copies being sold in its first week, the “Believe Era” was off on a roll. Believe became Justin’s 4th number one album and was soon followed by Believe Acoustic that crowned him with the title of “most number one albums under the age of 19.”

His tour that followed the release of the album was so high in demand that tickets sold out within minutes if not seconds. The Believe Tour still had so much demand in late 2012/early 2013 that after wrapping up the North American tour for Europe, they added a whole new set of dates in order to travel BACK through the US and Canada in Summer of 2013.

You’re probably wondering, with all these extra dates being added, how many shows has he performed? Well, hold onto your seats. The average world tour hosts between 80-95 shows. Thus far, not even halfway through his tour, Justin Bieber has performed 120+ shows in North America and Europe. Although he’s on a quick (well deserved) break right now, he’s getting back at it late June for the second North American tour (30+). Just today, his manager Scooter Braun tweeted us that the newest tour dates for Asia and South America have been posted (30+) and just when we thought it was all coming to an end… Braun sent out one more tweet,

Does this mean more touring?! Keep your fingers crossed!

We will do the math for you though… Adding together the first leg of the North American tour, the Europe tour, the North American tour once again, Asia, South America and possibility a few more, the approximate number of shows Justin Bieber has/will have performed for the Believe Tour sits comfortably at a glorious 180+ shows. This has to be a record, right?

So we’ve established he has performed a TON of shows for this tour but does that explain why his name is plastered everywhere? Maybe not!

It’s a common fact that when an artist goes on tour, they skip off the radar. That’s because they aren’t promoting, making new music and releasing albums while on tour. That’s also because they aren’t Justin Bieber. He has accomplished all of the above while travelling through dozens of cities. As mentioned earlier, he even released his 5th (record-setting) number one album in the midst of his North American tour. That means he recorded an album full of songs while on tour… let that sink in.

On top of it all, he has set apart time while traveling to collaborate with Will.i.am on a track that has been soaring high through the music charts, he has released three music video’s (including the Will.i.am collab) and there’s even talk of a new fragrance in the works!

Will.i.am featuring Justin Bieber: #thatPOWER:

The best is however yet to come. If you’re a fan that “saw the light” through the movie Never Say Never, he’s coming back to woo you once more! Jon Chu has teamed up with the Bieber crew to direct Believe 3D, a second Justin Bieber concert movie. As far as we know, all the filming is done and it’s a waiting game from here on. Are you starting to wonder how he does it all? We swear he’s human…maybe.

But if you REALLY thought it stopped there, you should learn by now that there’s always more with Team Bieber. Between performing a set list of songs every night, recording and releasing an album and filming a movie, he’s been doing what any true musician would do. He’s been writing his heart out! The hashtag #musicjournals has had people roaring with questions on twitter. Justin’s been writing songs and he wants to share them with you! And rumour has it there are more than 100 songs to share. While there are a million questions floating around about these songs, Scooter Braun has hinted via twitter that the #musicjournals will make up not 1, not 2 but possibly 3 albums in the next year.

As we wait for more news on the #musicjournals, Bieber himself has shared with us the artwork to his (what we assume to be) next single, titled “Hearbreaker” which can only mean we’re getting new music sooner than anticipated! It’s truly a treat being a fan of his. heartbreaker

So now that you know exactly what the beloved pop star has been up to, it might be the first you’ve heard of it. Why? Because among all the success, sometimes the media leaves no room for recognition as they are too busy criticizing and questioning the achievements. The success of a young kid from Stratford, Ontario went from “how far will he go?” to “how far will he fall?” But as we all know, with every accomplishment comes scrutiny.

If you’re a belieber, the phrase “It’s all about the music” will ring a bell. A simple sentence constructed by the simplest of words yet it carries the most complex meaning. If there was an ethical backbone to the media/gossip blogs they’d be aware of one simple fact… this fame and the spotlight, it’s all derived from the music. If he didn’t work so hard on the albums, go on tour or pursue this career, they would have nothing to gossip about. It’s all about the music because the music is his passion, his career, and his job.

As the tabloids scurry to write headlines about how Justin Bieber is “breaking” or that he is “fading away”, we sit back and watch him gain more success. Amidst all the chaos and distraction, he has carried himself like a true prince. In less than a year, we’ve been introduced to albums, tour dates, music video’s, collaborations with different artists, a movie, MORE music, MORE tour dates, perfumes and the list will go on as time does.

Without a question, Justin Bieber is one of the hardest working artists in the industry today. With facts like these, there’s no room to doubt him. Just believe.

-Sara Soulati


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