Justin Bieber Gets Personal With Instagram Videos

June 25, 2013


There’s no doubt that Apple is one of the most powerful companies in the world; everywhere you look, there’s someone using an apple product. What is it that makes Apple stand out from all other major technology companies? The apps. While there are millions of apps available, we’re just going to focus on one today; one that has changed the way that pictures (and now videos) are shared worldwide—Instagram. Less than three years ago, if you wanted to share a picture, you’d “mobile upload” it onto Facebook but that was before the era of apps. While people are still adding mobile uploads to Facebook daily, most of them are integrated from Instagram.  Earlier this year, Facebook bought Instagram, making it easier to share Instagram pictures onto the social-media site but harder to view them on Twitter. Then, the world was graced by Vine, another social-media sharing app that allows users to post six-second video clips on a loop. Vine became extremely popular overnight and its competitors noticed. Technology companies are constantly looking for the “next best thing” that will give their company the lead in the technological race. Earlier this month, Instagram took the lead by announcing that fifteen-second video clips can now be shared on the already-popular app. People are starting to call these clips “Instavids” and they’re letting users share their lives through more than just a still picture.

While I haven’t encountered too many instavids of people recording their meals at all angles (thankfully they’re still only taking pictures of food), I have seen a lot of footage of one of our reader’s favorites. It’s no surprise that Justin Bieber has just set out on the second leg of his North American tour and Beliebers all over the world are praising Instagram for the timing of their Instavid announcement. The man behind our website, DJ Tay James, was one of the first to post a video on Instagram, a video that made me wish I was traveling the world with the guys! Then, fans we’re thrown into mayhem when Justin released his first individual Instavid, one that flooded Twitter timelines for hours. There’s not much that Beliebers love more than feeling connected to their idol and through Instavids, fans are given a behind-the-scenes, more personal look at Justin’s life and the incredible things that he gets to encounter daily. Almost-daily video posts from The Bieb are similar to scenes we saw in Never Say Never and the-rare Live-stream. Everyone knows that Justin is just a normal boy living his dream while growing up but these videos make him even more relatable. As the days have gone on, fans have been given more and more videos from the 19-year old, including Game 7 of the NBA finals, fan encounters, helicopter rides, and post-show. Instavids from Justin Bieber have also shown that he hasn’t moved past the clumsiness that fans have grown to love, posting two videos after deciding to fall down the stairs. Justin isn’t the only person posting videos on Instagram from Team Bieber though; the dancers and behind-the-scene workers are also getting into the newest trend. Beliebers are also joining the game, especially those lucky enough to sit close to the stage at Justin’s most recent concerts. The videos might only be a maximum of fifteen-seconds long but that means you can watch them over and over again without wasting too much time! Be sure to keep track of all of Justin’s videos on his Instagram!

When the “video on Instagram” announcement was first made, I was definitely concerned that it would make my Instagram a complete mess of videos that I really didn’t need to see. But today, I’m thanking Instagram and Facebook for their need to be the best because we’ve been given some incredible videos. As Justin Bieber continues to tour throughout the rest of 2013, keep an eye out because this is just the beginning of the videos! Send us a tweet over at @weknowthedj or comment below and let us know your thoughts on the newest feature to take over Instagram and some of the videos that have been posted. Until then, Happy Instagramming and remember, nobody needs to see your meal at all angles.

-Meg C. (@lilmegwktdj)

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