Jake Miller and “The Miller High Life Tour”

June 13, 2013

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Music is a universal language that connects people from all across the globe. In an era of social media, artists are given the opportunity to connect to their fans on a personal level. Jake Miller is an up-and-coming artist that’s taking the world by storm with an undeniable talent. Jake just finished up touring around the United States and between Twitter, Instagram and “The Miller High Life Tour Videos” he’s definitely staying connected with fans. For those of you not completely familiar with Jake Miller and his music, we’ll help you out a little. “The Miller High Life Tour Videos” are a collection of behind-the-scenes videos from Jake’s touring experiences. Jake released “The Miller High Life Tour Part 11” at 7pm EST on June 12th and fans love it!

Like every other tour video, Jake gives everyone a look at the view from the stage and interaction with fans. If there’s one thing Jake really succeeds at, it’s staying connected to his loyal Millertary. Jake is an artist that realizes his fans are the reasons he’s been so successful. While performing, Jake sprays Millertary members with silly-string and pours water over cheering fans. The stage isn’t the only place where Jake is constantly connected to his amazing fans. Like every other teenager, Jake’s iPhone might as well be glued to his hand. He’s constantly tweeting, retweeting, posting Instagram pictures, responding to fans and liking fan photos. He reads each tweet that he gets so follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @jakemillermusic.

Part 11 of the Miller High Life Tour was more emotional than most episodes because it marked the end of tour and time to plan for the future. At Jake’s last show in Rhode Island, he brought his entire crew on stage to thank them for everything they’ve done. The seven guys have travelled with Jake throughout the entire show and they’ve become brothers. You definitely need to watch the end of the video to see how emotionally connected these boys have become.

We’ve posted Part 11 of The Miller High Life Tour below for you to watch; I’d also suggest watching parts 1 through 10 because they’re completely entertaining! Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj or comment below and let us know your thoughts on Jake Miller, his music and The Miller High Life Tour series. We’re looking forward to hearing more from Jake in the future and we’ll be supporting every step of the way.

Meg C. (@lilmegwktdj)

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