Grammy Award Winning Guitarist Tom Morello To Lead Libertyville Days Parade

June 11, 2013

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The legendary, Harvard educated guitarist from the band Rage Against The Machine will act as grand marshal at this year’s Libertyville Days Festival in Illinois.  Morello, himself a Libertyville  native said he was honoured to join the parade which will begin at 10 a.m. this Saturday, June 15.  Will he play any songs from the RATM/Audioslave days or even strum a few acoustic tracks from his alter-ego Nightwatchman albums?  Well, he’s not invited to be a part of the stage performances but you just never know, and what a special moment that would be for the town who are extremely proud of the Grammy-award winning guitarist.

A selection of 10 bands covering genres such as blues and folk have been invited to perform over the course of the festival and local food businesses and restaurants have been encouraged to take part and showcase their talents.  It’s a very grass roots celebration with it’s heart right at the centre of the community, using music to bring the people together to raise money for the Libertyville Civic Center Foundation, a group that provides programs for seniors at the downtown Civic Center.

This is yet another example of Morello’s insistence on always helping his fellow man when he can.  Back in May he played a tribute concert for his friend, dying Iraq war veteran Thomas Young.  Morello and Young met in 2007 when Young was making a documentary called “Body of War” and had asked permission to use a song by The Nightwatchman – the name of Morello’s solo act. The film documents Young’s attempt to reintegrate into the United States after being shot in the leg and through the spine while serving in Iraq in 2004.  “On that night, we’re going to have a great time playing music and trying to get our hands on the wheel of history,” Morello said.

The political activist is refusing to stand on a silent platform, instead choosing to support his beliefs and his friends through his music “In these political dark ages, it’s important for us to stand up for one another”.  Regardless of your political views, it would be hard to deny how incredibly refreshing it is to see an artist of this caliber using their music for something more than just sales figures alone, and truly never forgetting where they came from.

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