Carrie Underwood Rocks The Stage At Toronto Rolling Stones Concert

June 2, 2013

Carrie Underwood & Mick jagger

Just a week ago today, May 25th to be exact, The Rolling Stones made their way to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto for their ‘50 Years and Counting’ tour. If you thought that was enough to get you excited… imagine being there and finding out Carrie Underwood was dropping by to perform!? Yes, THAT happened!

Carrie just so happened to be in town the previous night and was spotted at the Toronto Blue Jays game with hubby, Mike Fisher. Fisher was sporting a Jays t-shirt and ball cap and Carrie in a light gray t-shirt and a loose, sparkly gold sleeveless cardigan looking gorgeous as ever. The couple was more than excited to be there from the looks of the picture Carrie uploaded to Instagram while at the game shown below:


The following night Carrie came out on stage rocking the infamous stones logo t-shirt and black pants with her blonde locks curled perfectly like always. As Mick Jagger began to sing “It’s Only Rock N’ Roll” Carrie popped out from behind the stage and came on strutting her stuff whilst singing the famous song that everybody loves.

Just after the performance Carrie was on cloud 9! She couldn’t believe that she had just finished a duet with the Mick Jagger. It was also the 8th year anniversary of the day that she won American Idol; now if there is a way to celebrate, that was the way to do it! Underwood tweeted shortly after the performance in awe:


If you haven’t seen their performance yet be sure to watch it below, it was something that should not be left unseen!

-Alana K.


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