Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle Together On “You’ve Changed”

June 1, 2013


As if their performance at Super Bowl XLVII wasn’t enough, Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams have reunited once again.

Earlier this year, the ladies released a mid-tempo track, “Nuclear”, which was also included on their compilation album released on January 29th, 2013. It was their first album in over nearly a decade. Although the rest of the album contained previously recorded music, it was still an exhilarating moment for fans nostalgic of the trio.

This time, the trio has collaborated on Rowland’s new song, “You’ve Changed.” Her album, titled “Talk A Good Game” is expected to drop on June 18th.

Despite the fact Knowles, Rowland, and Williams are usually categorized together as “Destiny’s Child”, Rowland has a different mindset, stating, “It’s not a Destiny’s Child track, it’s me featuring Beyoncé and Michelle.” (Is it just me or does her statement seem like it has a little feistiness to it?)

Billboard reported that all three women did not record “You’ve Changed” at the same time, nevertheless, the resulting product proved to be awe-inspiring.

The threesome has gradually been releasing music together, as well as working on some of their solo stuff. Do you think it’s possible that an album composed of all new songs could be in the works? Who knows…quite frankly, anything is possible.

Listen to “You’ve Changed” below and let us know your opinions!

-Aisha R.

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