BELIEVE Tour Is Back!!

June 24, 2013

He’s back! New tour merchandise and new hair but the same solid-gold performances that have consistently made it extremely difficult to get hold of a ticket to one of his concerts.

Justin Bieber has blasted back onto American soil this month with the 2nd U.S leg of the hugely successful BELIEVE  Tour, starting as he did on Saturday night in San Diego, CA.

The packed Valley View Casino Center welcomed the Canadian singer-songwriter with the fervour of a crowd hungry for the sound of their idol.  His performance was preceded by two opening acts: Hot Chelle Rae   &   Mike Posner, both of whom were thrilled to be a part of this tour:

The opening acts were warmly received, enticing the screams from the excited crowd which, inevitably, hit the ear-popping decibels we’ve come to expect when the superstar hit the stage and an audience of smiling fans were finally able to witness the incredible performance Justin is renowned for the world-over.

And he didn’t disappoint.   With his hair a little more relaxed than usual, the 19 year-old opened the show descending from on high with his (now iconic) pair of instrument-adorned wings and white suit.

Then he launched into the nearly 100 minute-long set starting with All Around The World  and as the fireworks and incredible light shows popped and blazed around the arena Justin showed exactly why he’s a world-class performer, dancing and singing in perfect time and tune.

A firm fan favourite on this tour has always been Fall  because it gives us a chance to truly hear the tones in his voice.  As the crane lifts him high above the crowd and out to the edges and back of the arena – so everyone can catch a glimpse of the artist strumming his guitar – I’m always left feeling it would be nice if the crowd could just be a little quieter for 5 minutes so we could fully hear it, but hey, it’s Justin Bieber, they’re going to scream!

The accompanying choreography of songs such as As Long As You Love Me,  Baby  and Boyfriend  (among others) are as polished as ever but at every level, Justin adds a little more of himself into the mix.  He’s not robotic, just very slick, making him a joy to watch.  Every song has been rehearsed to within an inch of it’s life, and yet, every performance is unique.  So the folks that witnessed this the first time round will undoubtedly have seen some subtle changes that make all his performances feel all the more fresh and real.

Continuing with his tradition of meeting a sick child before every concert, Justin met up with 10 year-old Marisa Cox before the show and made the little girl’s dreams come true.

Marisa’s mother Adele  explained that one thing that kept her spirits up during her long hospital stays was Bieber’s music videos. “I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about him that makes her feel better and happy, and when she’s really, really sick in the hospital, I put this stuff up… it perks her up,” said Adele.

The San Diego opener marks the first of 28 shows back in the U.S (and two in Canada).  He will then move on to Asia, South America, New Zealand and Australia, concluding this era of the tour just before Christmas this year.

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