YouTube’s Up and Coming Artists: Top 10

May 7, 2013
Ever since a certain Mr. Bieber found a platform for his incredible ability through YouTube, the doors have been swung wide open for other artists to follow suit. The popularity of this media in recent years as a way to introduce your talent to the world has resulted in a multitude of eager musicians hoping you’ll give them 5 minutes of your time and it’s certainly worth doing just that with the top 10 I’ve chosen here. Exploring YouTube can be extremely rewarding if you stay just a little longer and take a look around the small corner you’ve discovered, you never know what it might lead to.
10)  Indiana
Indiana is a female vocalist from Nottingham UK who made a debut performance at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios back in April 2012.  Check out:”Bound” the bassline is captivating but her voice is what delivers the passion here (find her at  and @indianathegirl )
9) Homework
This quartet based in Edinburgh named themselves after a Daft Punk record and take in a wide range of influences from Kraftwerk to LCD Soundsystem and Gary Numan.  They can be found performing in clubs across Scotland.  Check out:”It’s All Over” it’s funky and keeps the character of their fantastic Scottish vocals (find them here: and  @wearehomework )
8) Ciaran Lavery
Ciaran Lavery is an indie-folk artist hailing from a tiny Northern Irish village called Aghagallon. He was previously the frontman for a band called Captain Kennedy. Check out: “Turning To Rust” heartbreakingly beautiful vocals and gentle melody (listen here: )
7) Tall Ships
A band from Falmouth who performed a headline set for ‘BBC Introducing’ at Reading & Leeds festival in 2012. Check out: “Gallop”. There’s an eclectic overtone to this track, certainly a Smiths influence too but it has a raw edge that makes it their own (find their channel here: and @tallshipsmusic )
6) Harry David
Harry is a 24 year-old singer from Lincolnshire who became interested in music at the age of 14. Inspired by Tracy Chapman and Eric Clapton, Harry is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, drums and piano. Check out: “Solitude” a cheery folk inspired, acoustic pop-rock track. (find him here: and @HarryDavidMusic )
5) Dan Bettridge
Dan is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Ogmore-by-sea in Wales whose influences include Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and James Taylor. Dan started to learn the guitar at the age of 8. Check out: “Hunters Heart” a song full of heartfelt honesty and emotion (find him here: )
4) Rousseau
James Rousseau is a 33 year old singer/songwriter from the UK who spent most of his late teens and 20’s working as a supermodel. James says music has always been a part of his life, his mum plays the guitar and as a child he’d sing along and make up melodies as she strummed chord progressions, improvising from a young age. Check out: “My Beautiful Fiasco” a beautiful, quiet song which allows the pure, smooth tone of his voice to shine (find him here: and @Rousseau_Music )
3) Folly Rae
Folly is a half-Norweigan, half-English singer from Hertfordshire who by her own admission sings “overly emotional/slightly depressing songs to beautiful people who will listen”. Check out: “Free Your Mind” a hauntingly spiritual song, somewhat cold in it’s delivery but that’s the point and it has a stunning effect (find her here: )
2) Lewis Watson
Lewis is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Oxford who first started playing guitar on his 16th birthday after receiving one as a present. Nervous about the potential reactions of his friends, Lewis created his YouTube account under the name of HolyLoowis but his channel has garnered a healthy amount of attention and he recently supported Birdy at Shepherd’s Bush. Check out: “Into The Wild” an utterly charming song which contains tenderness in it’s fragility (find him here: and @levvis_ )
1) Hudson Taylor
Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor are brothers (age 20 and 18 respectively) who hail from Dublin where they began their musical life at an early age, busking. Drawing inspiration from Simon & Garfunkel and Crosby, Stills & Nash, their energetic often humorous live performances have made them a favourite among YouTubers. Check out: “Battles” a raw, classic folk-infused, melodic pop song, it has something very special: pure spirit (find them here: and @HarryHudTay @AlfieHudTay
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