May 15, 2013

The famous British boy band The Wanted came across the pond to the States early last year and tore through U.S. charts with their debut single “Glad You Came”, and starting June 2nd, the boys will take us behind the scenes on their ascension to superstardom in the E! Network’s newest reality show, “The Wanted Life”.
“I think everyone’s dream is to travel the world, to have loads of fans, and play amazing gigs like we do. And at the moment, we’re living that dream.” The 3 minute extended trailer shows just that as band mates Nathan, Tom, Jay, Siva, and Max as they move into their new Playboy Mansion-esque flat, located in Los Angeles, CA, to record their sophomore album and see just exactly how much mischief that they can get themselves into. The trailer features parties, performances, hilarious antics, and a bit of drunken troubles as the group adjusts to party life that is being a celebrity is Hollywood. However, band manager Scooter Braun is later shown in the trailer having a “Come To Jesus” meeting with the boys, because it seems as though the U.K. natives have forgotten why they are here. The pressure of the world is definitely on these five boys’ shoulders to dominate the worldwide charts as they did in 2012. Even band mate Nathan is shown saying, “I’m not a person to get nervous at all, but as soon as we come to America, I’m a nervous wreck.”
Will the boys’ new reality show be America’s newest hit? All this and more will unravel as “The Wanted Life” premieres on the E! Network June 2nd, 2013, at 10:00 P.M. EST. The extended trailer in its entirety is shown below.

Blake M

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