The Highs & Lows of the 2013 Billboard Music awards

May 20, 2013

The 2013 Billboard Music Awards were held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV last night, and it was definitely the hottest trending topic of the night on social media. For those who tuned in, you were treated to both highs and lows of the event, and the lows outnumbering the highs by far.
First off, when deciding on choosing a host for a show as big as the Billboard Music Awards, it is imperative that said host must be able to successfully read a teleprompter with little to no mishaps or mispronunciation. For Tracy Morgan, however, it seems as though he was focused more on being funny and not actually getting the introductions out. Granted, his opening monologue was funny! My personal favorite part was when he named off the female artists such as Taylor Swift and Ke$ha, giving a warning to the men that hope to date these women: “DO NOT date these women! They WILL write a song about yo ass! Forget to open Taylor Swift’s car door, and Car Door will be the number one album next month!” However, when it came to the introductions, the mispronunciation and mess-ups took away from the actual message, and it left the audience more confused and annoyed rather than excited about the upcoming presenters or performances.
Secondly, there must be an unspoken rule at awards shows where artist are not to perform live, because for the audience who sat through the three-hour show and out of the 17 performances, there were maybe a handful of artists who actually preferred giving the audience a live show successfully rather than moving their lips over an obvious studio track. The handful of live artists I’m speaking of are: Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Icona Pop, Bruno Mars, The Band Perry, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and Taylor Swift (thank you for being able to sing AND perform at the same time).

Keep in mind those artists gave successful live performances. There were other artists who gave thrilling performances, but the obvious lip-synching overshadowed the choreography. It was getting so bad, presenter Kid Rock came out and stated: “Let’s give it up for people lip-synching over pre-recorded music!” Chris Brown and Selena Gomez, he was talking to you. There are some artists (Beyoncé and Michael Jackson) that can sing and perform strenuous dance routines and still have the ability to sound exactly, if not BETTER, than the studio version. But when the choreography leaves your voice cracking, it’s time to decide whether we want a huge production, or a vocal performance. I’m pretty sure than the audience would prefer a mic stand and an amazing vocal performance to a huge production and a decent vocal performance. Point being,
If you cannot sing and dance at the same time, DON’T do it!

It is worth noting that Justin Bieber performed twice last night; first, performing (yes, performing) Take You and later performing #thatPOWER with Take You could arguably be the best performance of the night and the live vocals can be heard. However, when it came to #thatPOWER, the backing track was so loud, it made it seem like Justin was trying to lip-sync and he obviously wasn’t (his live headset could barely be heard over the backing track). I’ll side-eye the production truck for that one.

Now, let’s focus on Miguel. Miguel is an excellent live performer. He’s an excellent vocalist. But his performance last night puts him into the low category simply for this stage dive (would you even call it a stage dive?) that he attempted to do. The performance leading to this point was tasteful, no lyric mishaps or voice cracks. Then he takes off and jumps over the audience who was in the pit and mislanded? Or short jumped? Whatever he did somehow ended up with him giving a leg drop to TWO female audience members. I’ve re-watched this maybe 15 times and still haven’t wrapped my head around it. The video will be posted at the end of the article.
On a brighter note, the HIGHS!
Among the big name performers who stole the show was Justin Bieber, who delivered TWO amazing performances and won THREE big awards, those being: Top Social Artist, Top Male Artist, and the first ever Billboard Milestone Award winner. Now, this is where the journalist part of me will leave (briefly), and the fan will arrive (once again, briefly). Justin’s acceptance speeches both came from a humble artist, who truly DESERVES the three awards he won last night. When he was announced the winner of Top Male Artist, Carly Rae Jepsen was shown behind giving a standing ovation and Justin’s best friend Lil Za stood up and gave him a big bro hug.

Justin’s entourage and the live audience were all smiles, cheering when he thanked his family, his fans, and most importantly, Jesus Christ. Now later in the show, the first ever Billboard Milestone award was given. Fans had the opportunity to vote for Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift or Bieber and the resulting winner was Justin. Keep in mind, Billboard Milestone winner and 19 years old. Big accomplishment. Justin’s name was announced and his entourage stood up once again, bro hugs from Za and manager Scooter Braun.  Now, in accepting his award, Justin was up front: “I’m 19 years old. I think I’m doing a pretty good job, and basically, for my art, I really want to say it should be all about the music. It should be about the craft I’m making. This is not a gimmick. I’m not a gimmick. I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously. And all of this other bull should not be spoken of.” Now somewhere between him winning Top Male and Milestone, I don’t know if the live audience went to sleep and woke back up on the wrong side of the bed. Or if they just broke up with their boyfriend/girlfriend and were pissed at the world.. But between then and now, the cheers turned to boos. LOUD boos. LOUD, MALE boos. Which is why I ask: WHY in the bluest of blue hells would you boo an artist IMMEDIATELY after he pleads to be taken seriously? Honestly, are you that jealous of Justin Bieber that you cannot acknowledge success when you see it? The Justin Bieber today is NOT the same Justin Bieber from the Baby music video. He has grown musically, physically, AND mentally in those three years. I don’t know if y’all are too stuck in the past or if you’re just tired of hearing your girlfriends fawn over him on a daily basis. Point being, fans cannot make you like Justin Bieber. Fans cannot make you like Justin Bieber’s music. But how can you honestly sit in that audience and boo an artist IMMEDIATELY after he asks to be taken seriously? I hate to break it to you haters, but as bad as you want Justin Bieber to go away forever, he’s not. And all it boils down to is you being jealous of a 19-year-old kid who makes more money in the time it takes for him to tuck the laces inside of his $15,000 shoes than you do in a year. That’s all it ever has been! Are you that jealous that you refuse to let him accept an award without you putting your ignorant boo’s everywhere? So while you all sit there and send your hate via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, we’ll resume our daily lives while you continue to secretly listen to Believe Acoustic on repeat in the comfort of your Justin Bieber poster-ridden walled bedroom.
Now then, the journalist side has returned. Hi! Somewhere throughout the three-hour extravaganza, there were amazing performances and even some awards were given out! Yes, I forgot about them, too! The biggest performances of the night came from Justin Bieber (both of them), Icona Pop, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift. They will be posted below. Onto the awards! The complete list of winners is on the official Billboard Music Awards website, but here are a few of the big name award winners:
Top Rap Artist: Nicki Minaj
Top Digital Song: Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
Top Rap Song: Thrift Shop – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz
Top Touring Artist: Madonna
Top 200 Album: Red – Taylor Swift
Top Male Artist: Justin Bieber
Top Electronic Dance Music: David Guetta
Milestone Award Winner: Justin Bieber
Artist Of The Year: Taylor Swift
Icon Award: Prince
-Prince was honored with the icon award and even performed a few hits last night! Performance is posted at the end of the article.
The 2013 Billboard Music Awards racked in the highest ratings in over ten years last night! Performances (or the lack thereof), award winners, leg drops, and boo’s made the awards show the huge social media hit that it was. Will the 2014 BBMAs live up to this year’s? We’ll see.
-Blake M

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