Ryan Butler and J. Mitchel Reed Bring Justin Tyler to Life!

May 23, 2013

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Come To Life is an up-tempo pop song performed by Justin Tyler (@JustinTylerr) with an accompanying video directed by Ryan Butler (@itsryanbutler) and J. Mitchel Reed (@jmitchelreed)

Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVofsBUPbp0

Justin Tyler is charismatic and delivers a genuine performance whilst his co-stars work off him effectively to give the impression these people are genuinely involved with one another, it’s subtly sexy and that’s the vital start to keep us interested here.  His vocals are extremely impressive, the song is catchy and I believe in his lyrics:


“I told my girl on the left let go

Put your hands up and close your eyes

Cuz nothing can stop us”


I love that.  They’re heading for the freedom and the endless opportunities that are presented if you believe you can achieve anything.  Perfect then, that Ryan Butler and J. Mitchel Reed were chosen as the film-makers for this music video.

Ryan Butler’s status as a dynamic, young music video director has been proven yet again.  His down to earth attitude lends itself to making films we can all associate with.  Come To Life which is co-directed by J. Mitchel Reed, has that breezy vibe.  They use a gorgeous Mustang with its top down to open the video and we see two people just living free, in love, we want to be them and we want to be where they are.  Escaping to a beach on a sunny day with the one you love? Yes, we all want it, they’ve got us there.  But they also have an acute eye for the nuances of comedic style as we see Mr. Caleb Sebben (@calebsebben) hellbent on getting a slice of the romantic action in the background (I was rooting for him too, why doesn’t the brunette want him, give the dude a chance!  I have a soft spot for him since he appears in many of RB’s films, he’s grown on me).  This is evidence yet again, that Butler has a super-dry, deadpan sense of humor and it works well to balance the story.

RB and J.M.R have established themselves as a great talent all on their own.  They now have the cool indie beginnings of truly successful film makers, carefully crafting an outstanding portfolio at the very start of their careers.  They’re working hard, doing their own thing and the Come To Life music video, whilst not so indie, is another tick off the list; the feelgood, love story of a young couple is sweet and it’s very watchable, the partnership with Justin Tylerr is an obvious winner.

As Ryan tweeted earlier:

“You might like it, you might hate it. All that matters is that you’ve watched it”- Harmony Korine

Very true, but in this case, I liked it and although the video is beautifully shot in its entirety (I love the light and the sweeping camera shots), my highlight has to be Caleb falling out of the car at the start.  Perfect!

Come To Life is available to buy on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/come-to-life/id651508090?i=651508099

Lucy. J.


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