Up & Coming (& uber adorable): Matty B

May 23, 2013


Matthew Morris is a 10-year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia and best known as Matty B. He first became interested in hip-hop music at the age of five. When his cousin, a 19-year old rapper, moved in with Matty and his family, he would listen to his music and beg him to help him write a rap of his own and make a video. In its first week on YouTube, Matty B’s first rap video, a parody of Justin Bieber’s “Eenie Meenie,” had over 500 thousand views.


Since his first video, Matty B has continued to expand his portfolio by posting covers, remakes, original music, and collaborations.


Matty B has also been taking voice lessons from Lisa Rosemond at Jan Smith Studios. You may know Jan Smith who is the vocal coach to artists such as Usher and Justin Bieber.

Matty B has performed on many shows such as The TODAY Show, Wendy Williams Show, Dr. Phil Show and EXTRA. Furthermore, he has also performed live at events such as baseball games and NASCAR.

Aside from music, Matty B is also pursuing acting. He has so far appeared in numerous commercials airing on Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

While his mom says he is too young to tour or make a record, he will continue to post videos on YouTube while he lives his life as a third grader.

Check out his YouTube channel to keep updated! http://www.youtube.com/mattybraps


Written by: Xay P.

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