Let Him Create: Justin Bieber’s New Music

May 8, 2013

Justin will be taking a step into the unknown, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Michael Jackson had to do it, as did Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

The world watched them as it now watches Justin with anticipation, waiting for these inbetweeners to make their next move and to ultimately judge (as we all do) if they have a future in the industry.

 Transition for any music artist is indeed some pressure.  Listening to Justin’s music from the beginning until the present to compare his “My World” and “Believe” eras, an obvious difference is the dubstep and bassline heavy beats of  tracks such as “As Long As You Love Me” and “All Around The World” compared to the “My World” tracks and the song writing has matured throughout “Believe” (notably on “Believe Acoustic” with “Nothing Like Us” written, performed and produced solely by Justin).

 But the soul remains the same, Justin hasn’t lost his character and his famous R&B style is ever present.  Watching him perform the megamix of “My World” songs on the Believe tour, one wonders whether he’s tired of them by now, but he doesn’t show it if he is.  These are the back catalogue of songs that will forever be the beginning.  Beliebers will fondly remember them, new fans will be checking them out for the first time as they come across Justin’s music and want to hear more.

 He has made some fantastic music over the years, the Christmas album “Under The Mistletoe” was gorgeous and let’s face it, timeless.  The music videos for “Boyfriend”, “As Long As You Love Me” and “Beauty And A Beat” were all brilliant (and popular – “Beauty And A Beat” became VEVO’s most viewed music video).  All that brilliance and success is never going to disappear, it remains a part of his history.

 But now is the time for change and progress is never made unless we move forward and here lies the importance of allowing an artist like Justin to make his own move.  He is an incredible writer and producer and it should be widely accepted by now that he is rather keen on making music, at least it seems pretty obvious to me (writing two songs per day whilst on tour strikes me as being enthusiastic).

So now is the time to let him fly (something I always think about when I see him descending from on high with those instrumental wings at his concerts). Now is the time for him to use this platform he has worked so hard to create for himself and show the world he’s here to stay.

Justin is undoubtedly a clever man and he knows the importance of staying true to what you love.  It’s that attitude that has stood him in good stead over the years, his music always connects with people.  Justin is quite frankly, one the hardest working musicians around today and he’s not about to let go of something he’s so passionate about: his music.

The world needs to let him breathe, let him create, let him be.  The world needs to trust that he’s not going to disappear, he’s just going to move forward and I for one will be moving forward with him, taking the next step into the unknown.

-Lucy J


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