Kanye West Surprises The World With His New Single

May 27, 2013


imageOn the evening of Friday, May 17th, Kanye West took over the streets of 10 cities across the world. He introduced his new single and album with a visual that was projected on a total of 66 buildings of some of world’s most famous cities including: Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Miami, London, Paris, Berlin and Sydney.

The projection consisted of a black and white portrait of Ye’s face as he raps his new single “New Slaves”. The song portrays two very important topics of today’s society which is racism and materialism. With extremely strong, heartfelt lyrics, there is no doubt in my mind that this song will be a huge success for Kanye. Being the outrageous Kanye we’re all used to, the idea of releasing his new single the way he did wasn’t a surprise.

The projection captured the attention of millions making it something unseen and never done before. West fans from all over the world were able to come together and watch the visual and listen to the new song together which was really special. Kanye tweeted that night around 8:30PM to let his fans know the various locations it will be shown.

On May 24th, Kanye decided that he would play the projections once again for all of his fans who couldn’t see it last Friday. He then tweeted to let everyone know that more locations and times have been added which was great for his fans who couldn’t make it the first time! If you haven’t watched it yet, make sure to check it out below and let us know what you thought of the projection.

Here is the projection of “New Slaves” in Toronto, Canada where it was projected off the Royal Ontario Museum:

-Alana K.


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