How To Beat The Bieber Haters

May 24, 2013
Justin-Bieber-BelieveA guide to googling a Bieber
The only person who knows about Justin Bieber, is Justin Bieber and yet, endless media outlets will have too many people believing he’s a failed child star spiraling out of control, losing his way etc.  Now, this is clearly  nonsense, because while they’re busy creating the negative stories that set up the boxing ring between Beliebers and the haters, Justin is practically living in a music studio plus he’s EXTREMELY busy building flatpack cabinets to house all the awards that keep rolling in (seriously though, where does he keep all those?!).  Doesn’t sound like he’s spiraling to me, sounds like the guy is working hard for a living.
Most fans agree on this.  Take a standard negative article, it’s usually about how badly he drives his Ferrari and how he’s therefore going to end up in prison for revving his engine, having a better car than you and generally having a good time when in reality it’s impossible to drive a 458 Italia quietly at any speed.
Even non-Beliebers will come forward in the comment section of an abhorrent article and support Bieber.  But these articles spread like wildfire over the net with links endlessly retweeted over Twitter, and the media outlets who ultimately are contributing to not only the huge level of stress upon a young artist’s shoulders, but also to that of his friends and family, are getting the hits they want on their site.  The solution seems so obvious, yet to make a true change to the way society allows the media to manipulate the reputation of someone like Justin, the only option is to never open the links.  Don’t give them the hits to their site.  Simple.  Share the positive news stories because we all know how much good Justin does (and it’s not just about the music in that respect).   The hate can only thrive if you feed it.  Share the good news stories, ignore the bullshit.
It may seem like an impossible task, but with nearly 40 million Beliebers worldwide, impossible is nothing.
-Lucy J

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