Here’s to Never Growing Up!

May 15, 2013

Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne released her début single “Complicated” in May of 2002. Now 11 years later, Avril is still at it with her new single “Here’s To Never Growing Up.” “Here’s To Never Growing Up” is off of Avril’s fifth studio album which is set to be out later this summer.

The video is  the flashback as it seems Lavigne has barely aged a day looking nearly identical to her 17-year-old self. The video takes us back to a high school prom where Avril and her pals cause chaos throughout the school. In the video, which was released last Thursday, you will see Avril and her band take the stage of the prom, jump in a pool, and tear up the classrooms. Just after two minutes into the video, Avril appears in a white top, black shorts, necktie and skateboard looking impossibly similar to herself from her “Complicated” video. If it wasn’t for her now blonde hair, Avril would look just as she did 11 years ago. Looks like Avril truly never has grown up.

Check out the “Here’s To Never Growing Up” video and see what you think. Also, why not watch the “Complicated” video and see just how much Avril has or hasn’t “grown up.”


-Xay P


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