#F1 Champion Jenson Button’s Race ‘Tracks’

May 21, 2013
Jenson Button (@JensonButton) is a 33 year old Formula One racing driver from Frome, England.  He has been in the sport since 2000 and won the World Drivers Championship in 2009 with Brawn GP.  He currently drives for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.
Jenson recently revealed his racing playlist (though I should stress, he’s not listening to these whilst driving with his elbow casually leaning upon the window, it’s more of a pre-race thing).  So what music inspires an adrenaline fueled F1 driver?  Well, here it is! (n.b  I make no apologies for over-use of racing-related puns):
Molly’s Chambers and The Bucket by Kings Of Leon
Molly’s Chambers was the 2nd single from the Grammy winning, American rock band’s album Youth and Young Manhood and The Bucket was the 1st single taken from the later album Aha Shake Heartbreak.   The title ‘Molly’s Chambers’ was taken from a Thin Lizzy lyric in their version of a classic folk song ‘Whiskey in the Jar‘.  The Bucket is one of the band’s most successful singles reaching number 16 in the UK Singles Chart.  Both feature the sort of alternative rock style suitable for lubricating a racing driver’s passion for a win.
Can’t Stop and Give It Away by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Can’t Stop was the third track to be released from the American band’s 2002 alum By The Way and features Flea’s melodic finger-picking style for the chorus.  It peaked at number 22 in the UK.  Give It Away was the lead single taken from the group’s 1991 album Blood Sugar Sex Magik.  The single peaked at number 9 on the UK Singles Chart.  Again, what we have here are a couple of smashing, uptempo modern rock classics that could certainly rev up your internal engine thus putting you in the mood for a race (if you’re a racing driver).
Wake Up and Sleep Now In The Fire by Rage Against The Machine
I make no bones about it, this is one of my all-time favourite bands, but in the interests of impartiality here are the facts: released on November 3rd 1992 Wake Up was the 7th track from the American band’s self-titled album.  It wasn’t actually released as a single but is more often than not played as the encore at their live shows.  Sleep Now In The Fire was taken from their 1999 album The Battle of Los Angeles and features the legendary guitarist Tom Morello’s use of the amp feedback, adjusting the pitch with his whammy bar, thus creating a high-pitched solo. These are two ‘in your face’ heavy rap/metal songs, there’ll be no rest while these are playing WAKE UP! (which is fantastic if you’re ‘gearing up’ for a Sunday afternoon drive at 200 mph).
Just Be by Paloma Faith
Released in December 2012, Just Be was the fourth single to be released from the British singer-songwriter’s album Fall to Grace.   It reached number 66 in the UK Singles Chart.  It’s melodic and romantic tempo is a definite change of pace from Jenson’s previous choices and quoted as “a love song for real lovers” perhaps this one reminded him of his beautiful girlfriend Jessica to whom he dedicated his 2009 F1 World Championship to?
We Are The Champions by Queen
Arguably one of the British rock group’s most recognisable anthems, the track We Are The Champions (released in 1977 from their album News Of The World) reached number 2 on the UK singles chart and later went on to be inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame.  The power ballad has since become an anthem for sporting victories (fitting then, that Jenson sang it over his team radio when he won the 2009 World Driver’s Championship.  Listen here to that here, it’s nearly as good as the original… : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBtOt6RlmzQ )
You can catch Jenson racing at the glamourous Monaco Grand Prix this weekend and soak up the atmosphere of the clubs and bars (Red Bull Racing will have a DJ on the go) or you can watch it on TV and make a suitable cocktail (i.e one with an umbrella in it) and pretend you’re there, like I will be doing.
Follow Jenson’s Spotify playlist here:
-Lucy J

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