May 23, 2013

Ed Sheeran has made quite the following since his debut album “Plus (+)” was released back in early 2011. After tearing through the UK music charts shortly after release, his music has since made its way across the pond and taken the American charts by storm with hits such as “The A Team”, “Lego House”, and “Give Me Love”. “+” is definitely what has made Sheeran the household name that he is today, having released 5 EPs independently beforehand. + is the highest debut album for a British artist since Susan Boyle released “I Dreamed A Dream” after winning The X Factor UK.

It has been over two years since the ginger-headed Jesus has released new music and the “Sheerios” are eager for more! With much speculation over his new album, Ed doesn’t give away too many secrets. However, there IS a confirmed release date and that date is: February 17, 2014! Now then, other than the release date due early next year, the Grammy nominated artist gives away little to no information when it comes to the content. He hasn’t even given us a title! BUT he has hinted, “It doesn’t start with a letter.” Hmmm. We really shouldn’t be surprised seeing as + doesn’t start with a letter either! Though he isn’t positive about collaborations for this new album, he is positive that he will NOT perform any of the songs from the new album live (sorry RED concert attendees) until the album is released.

We do have a confirmed album (with no title) and we have the album’s release date. What about songs? How many will there be? Who knows? Ed knows. Being the merciful artist that he is, Mr. Sheeran has released the title of ONE song from the upcoming album. “Photograph” is the name of one of the songs from the album’s tracklist! Once again, the unknown album will be released February 17th of next year, and it is up to the Sheerios to determine whether or not Ed Sheeran will be a future Grammy award winner!

Blake M


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