Demi Lovato’s New Album “Demi”: What to Expect!

May 3, 2013

If the undeniably catchy flare of her latest single “Heart Attack” is any indication, music fanatics across the globe are in for a treat on May 14th, when Demi Lovato’s highly anticipated new album finally drops.  The record, entitled “Demi”, is a compilation set to establish the 20-year-old beauty as a mature, rare talent who’s very much a contender in today’s music industry game.

“Not only does the album say a lot about where I am in my life right now, but there are a lot of follow-up songs.” Lovato tells MTV News in regards to “Demi”, implying that listeners will be given a chance to continue the story of her last album, “Unbroken”, through the new tunes.

The songs on “Demi” will span a number of topics, including love, loss, heartbreak, and strength – all of which demonstrate the emotional and musical maturity that Lovato has undergone over the last few years. “I’m continuing to let out a lot of things therapeutically.” She says – a personal touch that is part of what makes her music so appealing.

Just last week, the X Factor USA judge tweeted sneak peeks at some of the lyrics that will be found on “Demi”, though she remained elusive as to which songs they belonged to. See for yourself what you think:

There’s a boy, lost his way, looking for someone to play / There’s a girl in the window, tears rolling down her face / We’re only lost children trying to find a friend, trying to find a way back home”.

So even if I lose it all, I’ve got so much left to give, I won’t give up / My heart’s on the frontline, I’m NOT afraid…”

The first single off the album, “Heart Attack”, recently went platinum after a mere ten weeks on the charts. In response to this incredible achievement, Lovato tweeted: “My purpose in life is to make a difference in this world… Having success is an amazing bonus. Thank you for supporting me and my message..”

In other Demi news, the starlet recently took part in People Magazine’s No Makeup photo shoot for their “World’s Most Beautiful” issue. Her stunning photos are available to view on newsstands now across the nation.

All in all, Demi Lovato is taking the music world by storm this year – and it’s barely even May. At any rate, we can’t wait to get our hands on “Demi” when it hits stores the 14th – can you?


-Shelley DeHekker


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