Carly and Nicki are getting over YOU!

May 3, 2013

Carly Rae Jepsen took 2012 by storm with the catchiest hit of the year “Call Me Maybe” and she doesn’t plan on stopping just yet. Late April of 2013 Carly released her second single called “Tonight I’m Getting over you” and with it being an incredible hit on its own, she went and did one of our favourite things an artist could do… REMIX! And who better to be featured on it than the YMCMB Princess, Nicki Minaj.


The song has become quite the anthem for the single ladies out there. After listening to the nearly 4-minute track, you’ll learn that after going through a breakup Carly doesn’t cry over a tub of ice cream and dwell! Instead, she keeps “dancing till the morning with somebody new.” Those could be words to live by!

Nicki comes in for her 30-second takover of the song and raps, “Tonight I’m getting ov-er, mediate and do my yo-ger” which is not what we’d expect from the rap princess but everyone needs a little meditation now and again! But don’t expect a breakup to hold Nicki back from looking fabulous because in the next line she tells us that she’s “gonna pull up to the club in a Rov-er, a Celine back on my should-er.”

It’s obvious we love the song, but we’re not the only ones! Just today many have taken to twitter to show their love for the upbeat jam!

Scooter Braun, Carly’s Manager

The Prince of Pop himself, Justin Bieber


This track is the perfect “Girls Night Out” anthem. You can belt out the lyrics and dance to the beat drop at the same time! These two powerful ladies are telling you to get over it and just have fun!  Take a listen to the track and let it blow you away.

The remix hits iTunes on MONDAY! Mark it on your calendars and don’t forget to get it.

-Sara Soulati


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