Austin Mahone Is Trailblazing Through 2013

May 1, 2013

The newest pop star on the rise is none other than Austin Mahone.
For those of you who don’t know, Austin is a San Antonio native, who got his start posting various covers of songs on Youtube… Sound familiar? This was in 2010. Let’s fast-forward two years, shall we? The young Texan has since been trailblazing in the last year, amassing an impressive fan base with over 2.5 million followers on twitter. He debuted his first TWO singles just last year, “11:11” at the beginning of 2012 and “Say Somethin” soon after, which his Mahomies were eager to receive. Both singles got him spots on the Billboard’s Charts but he hasn’t cemented his spot into #1…yet.
As his popularity grows, so does his music. Austin has relocated from San Antonio to Miami, FL to focus on his music and the charts don’t lie. He started of 2013 by releasing the music video for “Say You’re Just A Friend”, which is collaboration between himself and fellow Miami star, Flo Rida. And most recently, Mahone released his FOURTH single in a year to iTunes, “Heart In My Hand”, which is a soft, piano-based song compared to his usual up-beat pop tracks. Heart In My Hand even has a music video set on Miami Beach, giving all the potential Mrs. Mahone’s a clear look at just how raw he can make his music sound.
Much like the rest of the entertainment industry, Austin has his haters and his motivators. The Wall Street Journal dubbed Mahone “a leading contender to be the next Bieber”, while others have stated that his voice is too computer-generated and his millions of followers have been paid for. (I didn’t know you could do that either.) Ricardo Ordieres, who gave Mahone his first radio interview ever, speaks out against the haters:
“Whether he can sing or not, bought followers or not, he has made it and is getting bigger. And that’s all that matters.”
Recently, Austin won his first Radio Disney Music Award, the first of many awards for this rising star. And Austin has even been named one of the opening acts for Taylor Swift’s RED Tour. Success. Success. Success.
Success speaks for itself and for Austin Mahone; his actions are speaking louder than the haters’ words.

-Blake M

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