Another Season Over, Another American Idol Crowned

May 17, 2013


Season 12 of American Idol has finally concluded after months of jaw-dropping performances and heart stopping results shows. The finale kicked off Wednesday night as finalists Kree Harrison and Candice Glover battled it out, singing three songs each in hopes of winning America’s votes and the overall competition.

Round 1 kicked off as producer Simon Fuller chose the opening songs for the finalists. “Kreedom” choose to open the show, which would leave Candice as the closing act later on in the show. Kree chose to sing Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”, which received a standing ovation from the live audience as well as the judges. After the break, we had Candice with her rendition of Adele’s “Chasing Pavements”, which received a bigger ovation from the live audience and the judge’s table, with Randy Jackson naming Candice the winner of Round 1.

After the break, Coca Cola’s “Perfect Harmony” program with Carly Rae Jepsen was finally revealed. During the season, fans went online and voted for different aspects of Carly’s entire performance including lyrics, fireworks, and even costumes. Jepsen performed “Take A Picture”, which was the finished product after the season’s voting.

Round 2 was the finalists’ performing their potential singles if they were to win the competition. Kree opened up the round with her single “All Cried Out”, which was received fairly well by the audience and judges, resulting in another standing ovation. Candice performed her single soon after which is titled “I’m Beautiful”. Both performances were breathtaking; it may have been Candice’s performance that was able to grab the brass ring of Round 2.

And finally, to end the show, Round 3 was the contestant’s favorite performance of the season. Kree chose to sing Patty Griffin’s “Up To The Mountain”, which received yet another standing ovation from the live audience and the judges (they were being very generous with those, actually. But the contestants deserved them so.) And to close the show, Candice performed “I (Who Have Nothing)” as her final performance, and it was by far the most powerful performance of the night. In the words of Randy Jackson, “Candice Glover is in it to win it!” Fans had three phone lines to choose from to vote for their favorite potential winner, and that lead to tonight.

American Idol returned for a two-hour show at 8PM EST on Thursday night and it’s finally the night to announce the winner! It seems that the overall theme of the night was blacks and sparkles; just about every judge, contestant, and musical guest wore the combination. The night started out with a Top 11 performance of “Glad You Came” by The Wanted, complete with a black and white contrast and a lot of fireworks. The only way to start off the finale show is with a bang, right?

The Band Perry was the first musical guest to take the Idol stage, performing their hit song “Done.” Halfway through the song, the trio was joined by American Idol Season 12 contestant Jenelle Arthur. Jenelle rounded out the Season 12 Top Five and her appearance with The Band Perry proved that, in Randy Jackson-esque language, she’s “in it to win it.” Her sass and spunk are incredible attributes that will definitely help the 23-year old succeed, keep your eyes open for the blonde beauty!

Jenelle wasn’t the only Top 5 to perform on stage. Amber Holcomb performed Emeli Sande’s “Next to Me,” with Emeli Sande! Top Three contestant Angie Miller performed “Titanium” with Adam Lambert and “Domino” with Jessie J. Angie was also invited to the UK by Jessie J to perform her would-be single with the British superstar. Keith Urban joined Top Two Kree Harrison on stage, singing Urban’s “Where the Blacktop Ends.” Kree’s Top Two co-member, Candice Glover performed “Inseparable” with former American Idol contestant, Jennifer Hudson.

SchoolBoy Records artist Psy also joined the Idol stage to perform his new single “Gentleman,” accompanied by dozens of female backup dancers. The drop-crop pants and loads of lasers make it seem like Psy took some advice from Justin Bieber himself. Psy’s dancing was Grade A, like always. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull also flawlessly performed at the American Idol Season 12 finale show. The duo performed “Live it Up,” accompanied by loads of acrobats where the 43-year old former American Idol judge looked perfect in white. If I can look like J.Lo does at 43, I will be one happy girl!

Before the Top 5 guys hit the stage for their performance, they took to the video screen to give viewers and the audience an insight their feelings on the outcome of the season. This season is the first time in five years that a girl will be the American Idol winner. The last female to win Idol was Jordin Sparks in 2007. The guy idol contestants feel that the girls sabotaged them throughout the whole season and apparently Jordin Sparks was helping them! The boys performed a medley with Frankie Valli, earning a standing ovation. The medley consisted of Valli’s hits “Let’s Hang On,” “Walk Like a Man,” “Who Loves You,” “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” and “Grease.”

The Top 5 girls also performed a medley with Aretha Franklin, over a video screen because the seventy-one year old could not fly from New York to Los Angeles. The girls sang a medley of Aretha Franklin’s greatest hits, including “(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman,” “I Never Loved a Man,” “Respect,” and “Think.”

The sabotage on the guys wasn’t the only video that the viewers were treated to. We also got a look back on the season and the contestant’s insights on the judges. Fashion seemed to make the most impact about the judges. Mariah Carey is a “classy lady who can’t stand up and give standing ovations because her skirts are too tight,” while Keith Urban only wears t-shirts while playing it cool. Randy Jackson is the loudest that thinks everyone is “in it to win it,” and Nicki Minaj is the one with the unique fashion sense who doesn’t cut any slack. We were also treated to a video tribute to Randy Jackson, who recently announced that he would not be returning to the judge’s table next season. Randy Jackson was the last of the “original three judges,” but as a door closes, a new one opens. From everyone at Weknowthedj, we hope Randy finds success in every new journey that he ventures into.

American Idol judge Mariah Carey got on stage in white and feathers where she performed a medley of her greatest hits, while fellow judge Randy Jackson accompanied her on guitar. Mariah performed “Vision of Love,” “Make it Happen,” “My All,” “Hero,” “We Belong Together,” and her newest single “#Beautiful.” Mariah Carey wasn’t the only judge to hit the stage. In a TV premiere, Keith Urban performed his new single, “Little Bit of Everything.”

Before the announcement everyone was waiting for could be made, it was time to hear from the top two once more. Kree Harrison and Candice Glover performed “One Less Bell to Answer” by The 5th Dimension and Dionne Warwick’s “A House is not a Home.” The two finalists are best friends and based on how strong their final performance was they both deserved the title.

Ryan Seacrest made his way on stage to finally announce who was crowned the next American Idol. In the words of Mr. Seacrest, diiiiiim the lightsssss… THE WINNER OF AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12 IS CANDICE GLOVER!!! Season 12 was Candice’s third time auditioning for the show; the twenty-three year old was completely speechless and proved that anything is possible with persistence, determination and a lot of talent! Candice’s single “I Am Beautiful,” is available for purchase on iTunes, where you can also preorder her album, expected to hit shelves later this summer.

From everyone at Weknowthedj, congratulations Candice and all of the other finalists! Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts!


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