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April 3, 2013

For years now, Youtube has unofficially become a stepping-stone into the music industry for Hollywood hopefuls. Those hoping to create career out of their talents upload their videos in hopes to impress thousands and get noticed. Many artists, including the one and only Justin Bieber, have been discovered through their covers on YouTube. So in hopes to becoming the next Bieber, thousands of artists are taking to YouTube to make those dreams come true.

1. Megan Nicole (megannicolesite)

With over 1,500,000 subscribers and 350 Million video views, Megan Nicole’s rise to YouTube stardom started not too long ago. Back in December of 2009, the young Megan Nicole posted her very first video covering Kings of Leon with nothing but her guitar and her incredible voice. Fast forward to 2013, her determination to pursue a career in music is strong as ever. Her cover of Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song” has over 37 Million views. The video is nothing but “lazy” as she displays her effortless vocals and even some clever production and choreography.

Check out her latest cover of Rihanna and Mikky Ekko’s “Stay”:

2. Cimorelli (cimorellitheband)

The 6 sisters that make up what is called Cimorelli, were born and raised in Sacramento, CA. They enjoy performing the pop hits of the day in a cappella style with their perfectly blending voices. The group is made up of Christina (21), Katherine (20), Lisa (18), Amy (17), Lauren (13) and Dani (12). They are each talented musicians that write their own songs. In 2007, the oldest five girls began to notice the rising popularity of videos on the internet and YouTube. Having grown up singing songs together all their lives, they decided to post a video of their own. In August 2009, Cimorelli posted their first cover video of them singing Miley Cyrus’ “Part In The USA.” Their charming videos soon started collecting thousands of views and one of which, was a 13-year-old girl whose mother happened to be a well-connected music manager in London. They are currently signed to Universal Music and while continuing to make pop covers for YouTube, they are working on their debut album.

Check out Cimorelli’s original song and video:

3. Christina Grimmie (zeldaxlove64)

At just 15, Christina posted her very first YouTube video and since then has continued posting covers of Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion, Taylor Swift and many more. With an incredible voice and passion for music, she has made a name for herself at the age of 17. She has released her first EP that debuted #31 on Billboard 200 and #11 on their digital charts. With over 2 Million loyal subscribers on YouTube, her career has yet to begin.

Take a listen to her breathtaking cover of “Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables:

4. Boyce Avenue (boyceavenue)

The band, Boyce Avenue is made up of three brothers, Alejandro, Fabian and Daniel Manzano who came together for the first time in 2004 to create the band. In efforts to share their music, the brothers decided to start filming and posting video’s on YouTube. Some of the first few covers they sang were Justin Timberlake’s “LoveStoned” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” With just over 2.5 million subscribers and almost a billion views on their YouTube channel, these brothers are on the right track to success.

Check out their cover of Taylor Swifts “I Knew You Were Trouble”:

5. Sam Tsui (thesamtsui)

Best known for his covers of Adele, Britney Spears and Jay Sean, Sam is an aspiring American musician. At 23, he is already a Yale University graduate and hopes to pursue his career in music. He has done collaborations with another one of our YouTube Top Ten qualifiers, Christina Grimmie.

Listen to Sam’s cover of One Direction’s “Little Things”:

6. Megan and Liz (meganandliz)

The pop duo composed of fraternal twins, Megan and Liz are from Edwardsburg, Michigan. At the age of 15, the girls wrote their first song and began their YouTube careers from there. Since then, they have moved to Nashville, Tennessee in hopes to further their career. They often cover hit pop tracks mixed with some of their own original written pieces. The duo has nearly 1 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and over 200 million views! Their debut album is currently in the works.

Have a listen to their cover of Ed Sheeran’s “A Team”:

7. Tiffany Alvord (tiffanyalvord)

The young California girl is considered as one of YouTubes “Home-Grown Celebrities”. She began posting her video’s back in 2008 and still today, she continues to cover songs by One Direction, Taylor Swift, Pink and more. With just over 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, she has been able to blossom her song covers into the beginnings of a successful career. She travels around the country putting on small shows and has even traveled as far as Asia to perform.

Here is a video of Tiffany covering Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”:

8. Mike Tompkins (pbpproductions)

Mike Tompkins isn’t your average YouTube cover artist. It might be hard to believe but he produces the music and sounds from his mouth for every cover video he does! Born and raised in a small town outside of London, ON, Canada, Mike’s creative career began with his talents of beatboxing at the age of 8. His passion for music ranges from producing to singing his own songs. His video’s have earned him nearly 130 million views on YouTube and almost 800K subscribers.

Make sure you listen to his mashup of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”:

9. Jason Chen (miniachilles)

Based in Southern California, Jason found his love for music by learning to play the violin, by ear! After graduating in 2010 from UCLA for Business Economics, Jason took to YouTube to pursue his true passion; singing. After making cover videos for his 650K+ subscribers on YouTube, Jason began writing original songs and was soon travelling overseas to perform in Spain, China, Singapore and Australia.

Check out Jason Chen’s version of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”:

10. Alex Goot (gootmusic)

Currently residing in New York, Alex Goot is well on his way to musical success with his 1 million+ YouTube Subscribers and more than 160 millions views to match. He began posting his cover video’s back in 2007 but he was playing music and singing long before that. Today, he continues to cover pop hits we all know and love but has also taken the opportunity to record his own original songs.

Here’s a video of Alex Goot covering “Apologize” by One Republic:

YouTube artists have a hard task. Thrown into a sea of artists with similar goals, only some are able to make it to the top! Here we have 10 of YouTube’s top musicians that are on a golden path to success. Have a listen to all their covers and make sure to subscribe to their channels to keep up with them.

If you happen to come across one that gets your attention, tweet us at @weknowthedj and let us know!

-Sara Soulati

Feautre image credit: Asia G/@asiagousse

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