WeKnowTheDj Season Six: Believe Tour Goes Global

April 3, 2013

If there’s one thing Beliebers love more than anything, it’s behind-the-scenes footage and here at WeKnowTheDj, we have plenty of it! While overseas, things can get a little crazy but thankfully DJ Tay James always hooks us up with the mayhem, jokes, and fans that surround touring worldwide with Justin Bieber.

First up for ‘Season Six: Countries’ was United Kingdom Knows the DJ that starts with Tay showing off our newest “______ Knows the DJ” specialized t-shirts for the overseas tour. Right now, shirts for the United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden are available! So if you live in the UK, Sweden or Norway and you know the DJ check out http://weknowthedj.com/shop/ to purchase a shirt! The common theme for this video comes from “Started From the Bottom,” courtesy of Canadian YMCMB rapper, Drake! DJ Tay James has been a part of Team Bieber since the beginning so the song is definitely relevant. Justin Bieber shows up in this episode talking his “Heaven in a Bag” Cheetos; if there’s one thing Tay and Justin definitely love to talk about, it’s their feelings toward food! Tay also provides us with an inside look at the WeKnowTheDj tour, where he’s spinning his heart out at various clubs around the world. If you’re of legal age, you definitely don’t want to miss a Team Bieber club appearance, especially because you never know who’s going to show up!

After United Kingdom’s episode, it was time for ‘From Spain to Italy’. Team Bieber moves around the world quickly and thankfully photographer Mike Lerner and DJ Tay James take time to document all of their movements for us! Barcelona comes with a dance battle, where Tay shows that he definitely has some moves of his own. In Madrid, we get an inside look at every crewmember’s favorite spot in the arena: Catering, where we get a short clip of some of the dancers! The dancers aren’t the only ones to make an appearance; Mac Miller, who proves that he knows the DJ, also joins Tay! Beliebers have grown accustomed to assuming that every crew member has an endless amount of tickets to give away for the show so once Tay goes outside and the fans learn he’s ticketless in Bologna, they start asking “What about Fredo?!” proving that every team member is well-known by the fans! It was definitely nice to see that the Bologna fans knew the WeKnowTheDj Song, good work! Of course, Justin turns up in this one as well, providing some on-stage interaction between the superstar and his official DJ!

If the Believe Tour is headed towards your city or country, maybe you’ll find yourself in a WeKnowTheDj video! Keep your eyes open because there will be plenty more WekKnowTheDj videos coming soon!


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