The Band Perry releases new single “Mother Like Mine”

April 2, 2013


Oh the wars would all be over / Cause she’d raise us all as friends / And no one would ever wonder / If somebody wanted them / We’d walk on grass that’s greener / And our cares would all be freer / If the world had a mother like mine.

Those mark some of the lyrics for The Band Perry’s latest single, “Mother Like Mine”, a beautiful and tender ballad marveling over the wonders of their mother. The song blends a simple, serene melody with heartfelt lyrics to craft a poetic musical delight. Not only does “Mother Like Mine” contain depth and discernible emotion, but it’s remarkably relatable. Through the song, The Band Perry exemplifies their continual ability to expand upon natural talents – a failsafe way to create touching country magic that’s uniquely their own. The track has been released in anticipation of the electrifying trio’s newest album, Pioneer, which is set to drop on April 2nd.

It’s “the most honest song we wrote for Pioneer,” Lead vocalist Kimberly Perry tells Billboard. “Our mother is our personal hero. We are her labor of love. It’s our honor to our mother.”

If “Mother Like Mine” is any indication as to what fans can expect to hear on Pioneer, then we’re in for a real treat.


-Shelley DeHekker


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