Ryan Butler’s ‘5am At Fanshawe’

April 16, 2013
Written by G0LDENG and directed by Ryan Butler ‘5am at Fanshawe’ is a brilliant take on Drake’s 5am In Toronto.  The remix of the song is fresh and comes courtesy of Canadian hip-hop artist Gerome Nash (a.k.a Golden G  @G0LDENG ) and it convincingly conveys the pressure students are facing.
Ryan: “I actually came up with the idea for @G0LDENG to do a remix of it called ‘5am in the library’ when we were sitting in the library, but then he decided to call it ‘5am at Fanshawe’ it’s relatable to students this time of year.”
Ryan’s video has a slightly lighter feel than the original and there’s a sense of dark comedy “everything is a riot” jokes Gerome. The camera work is fantastically executed, the cinematography immaculate (as we’ve come to expect from Ryan) and he keeps your eye drawn to @G0LDENG throughout, we’re right there feeling this with him! He’s captured the audience’s attention and it’s a faultless piece of work. Which is remarkable when you consider the video was shot in such a short space of time.
“We filmed and edited within 10 hours. I came up with the concept with him (GoldenG) and I executed the shots with the help of my camera man Rob Ratz”
GoldenG’s a brilliant lyricist, I found his remix witty and certainly inspiring “I aint just tryin’ to pass” is the quintessential lyric here, these people want to be the best and so far, they’re doing a fantastic job at proving they will be.
Check out the video below!

-Lucy J.

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