Macklemore Releases New Music Video: Can’t Hold Us

April 24, 2013

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis recently released the video for their single “Can’t Hold Us”. The song’s featured artist, Ray Dalton, also joined the boys for this epic adventure. The video is a seven minute short film which follows the duo on a voyage across the map over land, sea and through the air.

The video was filmed over a 16 day period across six different continents; they traveled all the way from Los Angeles, California to New Zealand. The film includes skydiving, a pirate ship, Ray getting a haircut on the beach, a couple parties, and a huge “The Heist” flag being carried throughout the different scenes and at one point it was flown on top of Seattle’s Space Needle. A particularly special scene included their fans; the scene has Ryan jumping out of a window and into the arms of the fans below in hopes they don’t let him fall.

Lewis told MTV ‘Can’t Hold Us,’ to me, is mood music. And I think, for us, that have made so many songs that surround very concrete topics, ‘Can’t Hold Us’ is that song that feels anthemic, it feels like a soccer game, it feels huge.


Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

-Xay P.


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