Justin Bieber’s Yellow Raincoat; A Perfect Song

April 15, 2013
There’s something about the guitar work and soulful singing of artists like Tracy Chapman and Sting that makes me actually wish for a rainy day. That’s possibly just the memory of listening to both on rainy days, but I’m sure the character of their music is what always draws me back. Justin Bieber’s Yellow Raincoat caught me off guard when I first heard it on the Believe Acoustic album. It reminded me of those artists in some ways and yet, it was nothing like them. I had anticipated beautiful acoustic versions of the previous album’s songs but I wasn’t prepared for this one. It’s a stripped down, mature, melancholic piece but it hooked me in. You can hear the rain through the strumming of the guitar, and you can imagine the heavy-hearted footsteps that trudge through the wet, head hung low, hood pulled over to hide the emotion. The melody skips along at odds with the sentiment. He’s not singing about a happy time, he wants us to know it’s hard for him, but he’s keeping it under wraps. His smooth vocals act as the waterproof defense against the downpour, words sliding off the coat freely, we’re not to dwell on it.
This song reminds me of why I love music. There is an absolute truth in his writing and a heartbreaking beauty to his delivery. I don’t pretend to know what he was feeling writing this and people will always interpret lyrics in various ways but that doesn’t matter. It’s the whole feel to the music that impresses me. This is a song that should remind people of the power behind Justin’s passion for his music and it’s a passion that can’t be hidden under a yellow raincoat. In fact, this is the type of track that should convince everyone that he’s not just a musician, he’s a poet who wrote a perfect song.
“Yellow Raincoat” and Believe Acoustic by Justin Bieber are available to buy on UK iTunes.
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-Lucy J

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