Justin Bieber’s Army of Beliebers

April 30, 2013
Then I saw his face, now I’m a Belieber.
 That is indeed the case for some of Justin’s fans, many of whom will proudly tell you they have been there from the start and will never leave. I wasn’t there from the start, I came across Justin in late 2010. I didn’t know what all the fuss was about, then I heard his VOICE now I’m a Belieber.  But Justin doesn’t mind whether you were there during the ‘bad haircut, Bart Simpson’s crotch on the wall days of YouTube’ (his words, not mine) as long as you’re still with him and will stay with him.
He’s on a life-long mission to make music and his army of Beliebers not only absorb every last note and verse with absolute delight, we also act as the extra crew member. Mass voting parties are organised to ensure victories (there’s a voting party taking place today at 9pm EST to vote for Justin at the Billboard Awards http://bieber-news.com/post/49113593111/on-tuesday-april-30th-at-9pm-est-there-will-be ) and we request his music on radio via a brilliant site cunningly organised by Beliebers called Bieberline  http://bieberline.net/urb.php . It’s competitive in the best way. We want him to be at the top and win everything, but we’re also there for him.  He only has to tweet ‘feeling sick, gonna rest up’ and millions of Beliebers will tweet ‘Get well soon Justin’.
 But it’s not just him, we care about each other too. You will often see little groups gathering, trying to attract the attention of a crew member to help someone meet Justin or perhaps gain entry into a concert.  But it’s the overall generosity of the fanbase that is astounding. We gift his music, books, posters, etc to those who can’t afford it. We send each other magazines from all over the world and congratulate each other when one of us is noticed by Justin.  But perhaps more importantly, we follow Justin’s example and give back to charity.  The fanbase does an extraordinary amount of good, I see it every day, but unfortunately much of it goes unnoticed by the mainstream media.
As a Belieber (and I always use a capital B as I feel it’s deserving of such), I look forward to the late night gatherings to watch live performances from Justin (I say late night because rather inconsiderately, all these award shows are on at a reasonable time in the US which means a ridiculous time for me in the UK!  How dare they!). But it’s exciting to watch Justin perform and discuss it afterwards with others, so setting my alarm for 2am is a pleasure, never a chore.  Beliebers also love finding another Belieber who attended their concert and sharing memories, there’s always something unique (Justin lost a shoe at mine and I’ve spoken to many others who remember this, it’s quite a special bond in a sweet way).
It’s a big family, all centred around one person and his music. He’s as proud of us as we are of him and he spends a lot of time making us happy. I could talk endlessly about how much time he spends with us, you only have to google ‘Justin with fans’ and you’ll be hit with endless pages of photos and of course there are sites dedicated to sharing the experience of meeting Justin.  (MyBieberExperience is one of the most popular ones) They’re always lovely to read.  It’s rare to find an artist who genuinely cares about the fans the way Justin does. If he had his way, every single Belieber would see him sing live and leave with a smile on their face because that’s what he does. He makes the music that makes this fanbase smile, in return we support him and an army built on that is one that will never be defeated.
Lucy. J.

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