Justin Bieber takes you ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

April 12, 2013

Don’t be shy and don’t hold back because Justin Bieber wants to take you All Around The World! And that is exactly what he does with the music video to his latest single, All Around The World.

As if he doesn’t do enough for his fans, while busy with his international Believe tour, the Pop Star decided to put together another music video for us (queue the millions of screaming beliebers). The Biebs took to twitter last night and and told us, “i have a surprise for all my beliebers tomorrow…#AATWvideo.” And you can imagine the insanity that the one tweet set to all his fans! Within hours #AATWvideo and ‘All Around The World’ were trending on twitter worldwide, as well as #AATWonVEVO earlier this morning. Well Mr. Bieber, with fans like these, there’s no need for a promotion team. You’ve got 37 million people who will do it for free!

The last music video that Bieber released was the HIGHLY anticipated Beauty and a Beat video that had quite the scandal behind it courtesy of JB himself. The release broke the Vevo Record for most views in the first 24 hours of its’ release with 10.6 Million views. So as of 11:10Am EST/ 8:10AM PST @Vevo officially tweeted the release, “READY? GO!!!! @JustinBieber “All Around The World” #AATWonVEVO #BELIEBERS, BREAK THAT RECORD!!!” Can we get 10.7 Million views on this one?

Perfection, enthusiasm, excitement, soul, passion… these words don’t begin to put together the feel of the just over 4 minute video. I’ve watched it nearly 20 times since it’s release this morning and still can’t get enough of it and I guarantee, you won’t either.

The video starts off with Bieber in bed and getting ready to hit the stage but it picks up faster than you can blink because we’re sent straight to his NYC performance for the intro of AATW. The Biebs shows off his smooth and perfected dance moves as we travel through montages of some of his biggest performances to date, Paris, Italy and England. But this euphoric video would not be complete without the appearance of the millions of supportive beliebers from around the world! The beliebers’ screams and chants are featured at a constant throughout this video. We’re shown the screaming fans in all of his audiences as well as outside of his hotels, the venues, his car and chasing him in motor boats! Can you say dedication? We’re even shown a clip of Bieber walking outside through a swamp of fans with nothing short of a huge smile on his face. I don’t know about you, but that’s what I call LOVE!

Following the beat drop and Bieber’s cool and electric dance number, the crowed goes up in a roar as Ludacris joins him on stage for his very catchy verse to party it up with Bieber. The video comes to an end with a few seconds of JB who stops and gives the camera an ever so seductive look and whispers to us, “Believe.” Anything for you, Justin! (No really, anything!)

The video is nothing short of an ecstatic experience around the world and Justin Bieber chose to take YOU with him on it! Get ready to have your adrenaline pumping and feet moving because there’s no way you can sit still while watching this video.

With that, I’ll leave you to watch for yourself and with Dj Tay James’ very own words from the video, “You ready to have a good time? HANDS UP Y’ALL!”

Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris – All Around The World:

-Sara Soulati

Feature Image Credit: Asia G./ @asiagousse

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