Justin Bieber May Give Insight Through His Music Journals

April 24, 2013
Earlier today Justin Bieber tweeted: “Thinking about putting out my music journals from the road” which can be interpreted a couple of ways, but it’s likely he will be giving us an insight into his creativity and his love for music whilst on the Believe tour.
The Believe tour has seen Justin go from a sell-out tour of North America and on throughout Europe and that’s just for starters. This tour is taking him all around the world and much like the McDonalds chain selling identical food the world over, every city he visits expects the same level of musical capability, charisma and fun from every show and he never disappoints.
But what must it be like to be a global sensation visiting these countries and how does each experience affect him?  One way he can express his emotions is through his music.  We know Justin has been writing on the road and if we get the opportunity to see just a fraction of the material he has come up with we’ll be in for a treat.
It would be wonderful to get a glimpse into his life on tour, the pressures of fame and his perspective.  He writes with honesty, so personally I’d like to hear the song he wrote about his time in the UK. The press here were unjustifiably rude and evidently lacking in research. The paps were aggressive and a tirade of unsubstantiated abuse was hurled at Justin through most media outlets, they simply weren’t checking the facts (one important error being that he was not 2 hours late for a concert at the O2 in London, but 40 minutes).While all this was taking place, he continued to perform night after night, as always, working extremely hard to put on an incredible show.
Justin has a life like no other and that lends itself to endless writing opportunities and he still enjoys sharing his experience with his dedicated fanbase. The music journals are yet another example of this and I for one can’t wait find out how this tour is inspiring this musician.
-Lucy J.

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