Follow Frank Ocean’s Journey in “Lost” video

April 22, 2013

Just last week, Frank Ocean released via his Tumblr a new music video for his song “Lost”, which debuted on his channel ORANGE album from 2012.

The whole video has a very basic concept: various clips of Ocean visiting different places throughout out the world. Nothing too complicated or action-packed. It’s just a unique way of looking at Ocean’s travels throughout places such as Dubai, Paris, and Tokyo.

The video opens up with a view of the clouds, presumably from the perspective of an airplane. At times, the clips are side-by-side with video of Ocean performing “Lost.” Footage is also shown of the artist in the studio, greeting fans, backstage, and with fellow Odd Future member Tyler, The Creator.

In comparison with the lyrics, the video fits the song quite well, considering Frank Ocean sings about being “lost in the thrill of it all” and continues to list off certain places like Miami, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Spain.

Although the “Lost” video isn’t anything that involves too much production or a definite storyline, it is still an intriguing video to watch. It gives a sort of insight on Ocean’s year within almost 3 minutes.

It helps too that the song itself is very enjoyable to listen to.

-Aisha R.

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