Andy Pop Debuts New EP, Born Ready

April 24, 2013


Well, Weknowthedj readers, it’s time for an update on one of our favorites, up and coming artist, Andy Pop. The relationship between Weknowthedj and Andy Pop is growing stronger by the day; we first featured Andy nine months ago and have periodically checked up with the young rapper. The twenty-two year old is back at it again, this time with a five-track EP, titled Born Ready, featuring his most personal lyrics to date.  Quick reminder though: Andy is twenty-two so his songs are explicit; our younger readers should probably skip this EP, sorry!

In January, Andy and I took a trip to our favorite hometown deli to catch up on each other’s lives; I figured we’d talk about his music, but I didn’t realize that I’d be getting a sneak peek of what was to come from the upstate New York native. I was blown away by what I got to hear; I automatically knew this is his biggest project yet and I was completely mesmerized. While listening to one beat, I was so focused on the music that I didn’t even realize that Andy’s mom had come into the room. A quick side note and small piece of advice: if you ever get the chance to listen to Andy’s mom tell stories about his past, definitely don’t pass up that opportunity!

The EP opens with an opera-type sound on Wanna Be until the beat drops into an indescribable sound. Pop throws in a shout-out to his producer Nico Marchese, who has been dubbed the “MVP of Born Ready.” The track also features an incredible appearance on the hook by Jhevere Reynolds. Throughout the EP, Andy makes plenty of references to chasing his dream and not accepting “no” as an answer. The positive messages displayed throughout all five tracks have the power to make any bad day better, proving that Born Ready is going to be great for those rainy days where your mood matches the weather.

On April 16th, Andy released his first preview, and the second track of the EP, FTW, an acronym for F**k the World. The track features a super-catchy beat, with beautiful background vocals by the talented Cee Cee Castro. With part of the chorus, “F**k the world, I’m up in it to win it and I can’t wait to tell my momma I did it” and more lyrics, “Thought of writing and my whole life changed,” Andy is proving to us that his life is changing for the positive and his future is only going to get brighter; his mom definitely isn’t the only one proud of him!

The middle track on the EP, titled Timeless, is Andy opening up about the girl in his mind. While listening to the track, all I could think of is what it would be like to have a whole song written just about you. So, Timeless Girl, cherish this song forever! The chorus of this track is enough to get anyone to automatically awww; Andy spills his heart with the verse, “There’s that smile I love, you so fly, don’t lie, you were sent from above.” While directing this song towards his timeless girl, the Goshen, New York native says he’s “lost in the world” without this girl. Cue the butterflies and goosebumps!

In his next track, Prophet, Andy shows the real reason he’s pursing a starting position in the rap game. He makes it very clear that he’s not doing it for the money or the fame; he’s doing it because it’s what he loves. The beat to this one isn’t overbearing, it’s the perfect amount of background noise to get his point across. With lyrics like, “Dream hard, work harder, that’s the recipe,” Andy gives advice for following your dreams, no matter how much work they require. While playing the role of the listener’s personal Dr. Phil, Andy also goes back to his family roots, rapping in Greek. That’s right, Greek! And honestly, the flow of those verses is better than some mainstream rap artists’ English. Although I’m not quite sure what the translation is, the end of the song sounds amazing!

The fifth and final track, Born Ready, was the perfect pick to end off this EP. Andy is graduating from college in a few weeks and Born Ready is all about moving onto the next chapter of his life. Andy raps about his problems (“After you solve them, it’s ‘bout what you learn from ‘em,”) and his game plan moving forward (“Stop thinking about last year, start thinking where I wanna be a year from now”). Andy doesn’t care about how many records he sells or how much money he makes, he’s only interested in making an difference in peoples lives through his music; he proves this with one simple line, “Ain’t about who can get it all the fastest, ‘bout who and how you impacted.”

On that wintery afternoon, I didn’t just get to experience a few sneak peeks from Born Ready. I got to see something more than that, something more meaningful than a few lyrics coming together, something more powerful than the beats that were being produced. I got to see passion. One thing I’ll never forget was the passion in Andy’s eyes as he sat in the desk chair of his childhood bedroom rapping lyrics off the Notes app on his iPhone. Between listening to lyrics in progress and unfinished beats, it was confirmed that this is exactly where Andy Pop belongs. In that moment, I knew the kid I’ve grown up with is in fact Born Ready for everything his future is going to entail. It’s been a long journey full of brainstorming, writing sessions, photo-shoots, video-shoots, and promoting; all while watching this EP come to life, one step at a time. For anyone that’s grown up with Andy, this newest project proves that his music has the ability to make you feel like he’s right by your side, even when he’s miles away. Living at a huge university, 100 miles from our small hometown, the familiarity of Andy’s voice is everything I could ask for, especially on those days when I’m feeling homesick. As I write this, sitting in my dorm room after midnight and after listening to the finished Born Ready for the first time, I can only describe my feelings in one word: PROUD.

Andy’s story definitely doesn’t end here; as a matter of fact, the story is just beginning. Andy Pop one artist you’re going to want to keep on your radar because this definitely won’t be the last you hear from him. You can keep up with Andy on his twitter (@andyp0p) or his Facebook ( Born Ready will be available on iTunes later this week, so be sure to support the amazing EP; but first, you can listen to the entire EP on Andy’s Bandcamp, linked below. Make sure you tweet us at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts on Born Ready and Andy Pop. One last note… Andy, when you “make it big,” you better not forget about us at Weknowthedj because we’re going to be cheering you on, every step of the way!

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