98 Degrees Making A Comeback With New Single!

April 30, 2013

98 degrees reunion

Above: 98 Degrees Reunion on The ‘TODAY’ Show late last year. 


We have waited 13 years for it but 98 Degrees is finally back and ready to share their new music with us. The 90’s boy band that consists of Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre are set to release their first musical offering since 2000 on May 7th called “2.0” and we can hardly wait.

As a preview of next weeks release, they have given us the first single off of the album “Girls Night Out” that made its début on Billboard early Monday morning (April 29). The track has a soft-tempo beat with slick instrumentals to compliment the smooth vocals. The song delivers catchy lyrics with a flirty feel that could swoop any lady off her feet! And throughout the entirety of the song, the 4 boys are celebrating women of all shapes and sizes which is an area not many studio hits cover these days. After having a listen to the track, it’s obvious that the boys haven’t lost their touch.

“She put on that real tight dress/cause she wanted to impress, catch my eye. That ones looking dangerous/But I’m kind of curious, it’s not a crime. Look how she move her body slow and the bass is booming low” the pop veterans croon before they jump into the catchy chorus singing “Girls night out, so many women looking good in the place right now.”

In a recent press interview, Nick Lachey told us, “this is a long time coming” about the release of their “2.0” album, which we can definitely agree on! However it doesn’t just stop with a new single and an album for them as they plan on going on tour this summer with Boys II Men and New Kids On The Block, which will kick off May 28 in Uncasville, Conn.

It looks like all the new boy bands better be stepping aside because the 90s are making a comeback! Listen to the new track “Girls Night Out” by 98 Degrees below and let us know what you think by tweeting at @WeKnowTheDj. And don’t forget to mark May 7 on your calendars for the release of their album “2.0”!

Girls night out – 98 Degrees:


– Sara Soulati

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