Will.i.am & Justin Bieber Prove They Have #THATPOWER

March 19, 2013

On Friday March 15, 2013, Will.i.am visited Capital FM in the UK to première his newest track, #THATPOWER, featuring none other than now nineteen-year-old Justin Bieber. If any superstars know what it takes to have power, it’s Will.i.am and Justin Bieber; the duo practically owns every aspect of the entertainment industry.

Will.i.am and Justin spent a few days together in the UK, where they got in some quality “bro-time,” consisting of shoe shopping and making music. Will.i.am spoke of the day they recorded #THATPOWER, telling Capital FM, “So actually we went shopping first and we were like ‘hey, lets just have a chilled day’ and we went shopping for shoes, then after that we went to the studio, watched the BRITs, recorded that and then trucked off to see Justin Timberlake perform. So that was a pretty full day.” New shoes and new music is almost as great of a combination as Justin Bieber and Will.i.am!

The song features an incredible beat; a beat that can’t be described in words so you’ll definitely have to listen to the song to fully appreciate the greatness. This is a song that you’ll be dancing along to for months to come so be sure to check it out below and learn the words! It’s super-catchy though so memorizing the verses shouldn’t be too difficult!

While talking about being alive in the chorus, Justin sings, “And I’m loving every second, minute, hour, bigger, better, stronger, power,” which proves that the Stratford-born superstar is having the time of his life and is completely enjoying his last year of being a teen.

Will.i.am recently publically defended Justin’s almost-constant run-ins with paparazzi, saying, “Give the guy some space and let him just grow up. He’s a good kid, he has a good mum, he has good friends around him. I’d say just be a bit sensitive to people and their personal space. He’s already sharing his life with us, right?” Although he’s become a regular in the tabloids, Justin still has his fair-share of haters; Will.i.am lets Justin know that he’s not alone when it comes to haters, singing, “Who cares what the haters state/They hate on me cause we doing what they can’t.” It’s all about the positivity and making the best of the talent that you’ve been given. If Will.i.am and Justin Bieber have proved anything, it’s that they definitely know how to make the most out of their talents! This song simply confirms that neither artist is slowing down anytime soon!

Justin is currently on a European tour for his hit album, Believe, and Will.i.am is preparing for the April 23rd release of his new album, “#willpower.” It seems like power and hashtags are a huge 2013 trend for the former Black Eyed Pea. #THATPOWER is now available for purchase on iTunes! Be sure to follow Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) and Will.i.am (@iamwill) on Twitter to stay up-to-date on any possible future collaboration. Also, tweet us at @weknowthedj and let us know your thoughts on the new song!


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