March 28, 2013

Being hospitalized surely wasn’t going to stop Lil Wayne from releasing his newest video “R.A.F.” featuring 2 Chainz. The song’s title, which is verbally-nonchalantly named “Rich As F*ck”, means just that: Wayne has money and he knows it.

The music video begins with an ominous woman dressed in red, walking methodically through a barren desert in the dead of the night. Weezy appears shortly afterwards spitting his catchy lyrics that he has became world famous for. Despite being alone in the desert, Wayne’s lyrics fill the atmosphere, leaving no emptiness in their path. Wayne is shown skateboarding through the moonlit desert before 2 Chainz appears alongside Wayne on top of an illuminated cube.

The sun inevitably rises, and Wayne rides off in the passenger’s seat of a red sports car being driven by his arm candy of the video. Aside from Wayne and 2 Chainz spitting out verse after verse, shown throughout the video are a pair of sparring mixed martial artists and some BMX-worthy bike tricks. Watch below to see all the rich action for yourself!

“Look at you. Now look at us/All my n—as rich as f*ck.” We know Deuce. We know.

Blake M


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