Mariah Carey Releases “Almost Home” Music Video

March 15, 2013

It’s 4 minutes of pure Mariah bliss.  (Not to mention, plenty of James Franco action).  The latest music video release from Mariah Carey came this week for her single “Almost Home”, an accompanying track for the newest Walt Disney flick Oz the Great and Powerful – a fitting film to use, as both the song and the video evoked magnificence with an impacting punch.

Shot entirely in black and white, “Almost Home” displays beautiful glimpses of Mariah (looking stunning as usual) as clips from Oz are dispersed intermittently throughout, giving the video a very theatrical feel.  Unlike many large-budget music videos, however, this one remains simple to compliment the magical elements of the film it so cleverly advertises.  Showcasing Mariah draped in a black dress and black coat, “Almost Home” is the perfect lyrical representation of the classic story of the Wizard of Oz.  Not only does it demonstrate the hardships that the protagonist must go through, but it vocalizes the ardent pursuit of achieving one’s goals and the necessary determination which accompanies such a thing.

The video itself gives a feeling of hope, and the upbeat tempo of the song adds both allure and depth. As usual, Mariah kills it, and “Almost Home” works dually to show off her incredible vocal skills and positively promote the latest take on the wonderful world of Oz.

Check out the magic for yourself below.

-Shelley DeHekker


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