Justin Timberlake Set to Release Volume II of the 20/20 Experience Later This Year!

March 20, 2013

Justin Timberlake is treating his fans to one heck of a 2013 it seems. The last musical offering we received from the former member of N*SYNC was his critically acclaimed solo, “Futuresex / Lovesound” 6 years ago! But at last, he released his newest work “20/20 Experience” just this Tuesday. In its first day, the album shot up to number one on iTunes and is expected to sell at least half a million copies.

Now all you JT fans need not to worry! You won’t be waiting another 6 years for another album. In fact, in only 8 months time we’ll be getting new music! It began as what we thought was a rumor but on Monday night at his album release launch party, JT confirmed it while talking to Ryan Seacrest stating, “Those rumors are true.”

The reason is all behind the name of the album. March 19, he released Volume 1 of the “20/20 Experience” with 10 tracks and sometime in November, Volume 2 will be released with another 10 tracks. (10+10=20!) Just like you, we are wondering if Jay-Z and JT will do a follow-up of “Suit and Tie”… perhaps, “Pants and Shoes”? We’ll have to wait and see!

For now, JT has left us with many things to keep us occupied. First, Volume 1 of the album that is available on iTunes. Second, go out and get tickets to one of his live concerts near your city! We’re positive it won’t be a show to miss. And finally, head on over to http://twentytwenty.justintimberlake.com and unlock the special code to get special access to exclusive video’s, contests & voice clips of JT telling us about the making of the album. Everyday a new set of video’s and voice clips are unlocked. JT personally takes you inside the 20/20 experience and tells you what inspired him to bring you this incredible album.


-Sara Soulati


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