JT: The 20/20 Experience: TRACK-BY-TRACK REVIEW

March 22, 2013

The wait may have been 7 years, but it was 7 years well spent. Less than two days after the release of 32-year-old heartthrob and pop culture icon Justin Timberlake’s newest album, The 20/20 Experience, and the world is already abuzz with rave reviews over the glorious ten-part piece of musical heaven. Featuring catchy rhythms, delectable lyrics, and the undeniable charm that only Justin Timberlake can exude, The 20/20 Experience is a fabulous treat to please the senses – and the perfect showcase of precisely why JT is such a legend in the world of pop music. Check out our track-by-track review of a JT experience that will leave you breathless:


Pusher Love Girl – Opening the album is a jazzy number infused with the perfect dose of JT’s iconic harmonies. Singing “Pusher love / So high I’m on the ceiling baby / You’re my drug / So go on and be my dealer baby”, the track describes that love interest which simply drives one crazy with infatuation. Beginning the track with a relaxed and soothing sound before ending it with catchy electronic beats, “Pusher Love Girl” is the perfect pick to start the experience.

Suit & Tie – The first single off the album, “Suit & Tie” is a catchy track certain to invoke dance floor fantasies. With a chorus crying out “As long as I’ve got my suit and tie / Imma leave it all on the floor tonight / And you got fixed up to the nines / Let me show you a few things”, the Timbaland-produced song is a perfect showcase of JT’s vocal talents. And what album would be complete without a guest verse from Jay-Z? The combo is, quite honestly, any pop lover’s dream.

Don’t Hold the Wall – Picking up the pace of the album with a mixture of soft vocals and funky rhythms is “Don’t Hold the Wall”.  The unique number is an excellent addition to the track list; in fact, it almost works as a third chapter to a story devoted to urging listeners towards the dance floor – a feat which this track will undoubtedly achieve.

Strawberry Bubblegum – The fourth track of the experience, “Strawberry Bubblegum” takes on a different tone with a slower rhythm and simple pace. The smoothness of Timberlake’s vocals brings both the song and the album to a relaxing state, all whilst maintaining a delectable sensuality fit for the title of the song.

Tunnel Vision – With infectious beats and enticing lyrics, the electrifying “Tunnel Vision” is The 20/20 Experience’s nod to JT’s previous album, Future Sex/Love Sounds. Incorporating a sound that is significantly more hip-hop heavy with lyrics that are undeniably relatable, the song describes an encounter with someone who is so mesmerizing, they create a sense of tunnel vision on everyone they meet.

Spaceship Coupe – Slowing things down a bit is “Spaceship Coupe”, the 6th track off the record. Singing “Hop into my spaceship coupé / There’s only room for two (Me and you) / And with the top down / We’ll cruise around / Land and make love on the moon / Would you like that?”, JT achieves irresistibility while simultaneously showing off his vocal range.

That Girl – The 7th track off the album relies heavily on the power of instrumentals, while also working to display a brilliant side of Timberlake’s vocal talents. “That Girl” is a sweet, simple ballad with sugary lyrics to make any fangirl’s heart soar – a prime example of which are “Now we didn’t have to fall, but fell in love to the bottom babe / No one’s there to catch us when we fell from heaven that day”. Priceless.

Let the Groove Get In – Picking the pace back up from the slower medley of “That Girl” is “Let the Groove Get In”.  As suggested by the mere title, this one is a rhythmic blend of lyrics with an enticing backing to match. Urging the listener to get on the dance floor and “make no mistake – you’re in the place to be by far / so let’s get crazy like we ain’t never gonna see tomorrow”, the song evokes a melody reminiscent of salsa – an unusual yet welcome gesture for JT to make.

Mirrors – Reportedly about Timberlake’s wife Jessica Biel, “Mirrors” is a catchy track that fits perfectly in the penultimate position on the record. Singing “Cause I don’t wanna lose you now / I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me / The vacancy that sat in my heart / Is a space that now you hold”, JT melts hearts while simultaneously crafting a delectable melody.

Blue Ocean Floor – The slower-moving “Blue Ocean Floor” works to add a contemplative tone to the album – the perfect complement as well as a well-chosen closing number. With synthetic sounds mimicking an underwater escape, the track evokes a unique ambience and introduces the audience to a side of JT we’ve never been able to experience before musically.


Overall, The 20/20 Experience is just that – an experience, and one that only Justin Timberlake can deliver so flawlessly after seven years of musical absence. The second half of the album is slated for tentative release this November. Have you undergone the Experience yet?


-Shelley DeHekker


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